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Meoeor wants to Win the Game
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Meoeor
YOU: Do you have task I can help you with?
Meoeor: I have something you can do for me.
Meoeor: Have you heard of the upcoming Octarch's Chess tournament?
Meoeor: Well that is not what is important: what is important is that I am going to win it.
Meoeor: Vaieund and I play competitively and often he beats me, but not this time around.
Meoeor: I need you to go and find a Philter of Intelligence.
Meoeor: They are rare and I think only Levrus may have a lead on where to get one.
Meoeor: Will you help me?
YOU: Sounds like fun, I’m in.
Meoeor: Good news indeed; I thank you.
Meoeor: I do not know what it will take to get it, but I have something from my adventuring days that you might find interesting if you can obtain it for me.
Meoeor: Just go to Levrus and speak about the Philter of Intelligence.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Do you know where I can find a Philter of Intelligence?
Levrus: A Philter of Intelligence?
Levrus: You?
Levrus: Do you think it will be easy to find the Philter of Intelligence?
Levrus: It may be difficult indeed.
Levrus: Truth is, the philter of intelligence is very difficult to make so that besides its expense, it is only given to those who have proven themselves worthy of its enlightenment.
Levrus: Are you willing to take the tests?
YOU: I am ready.
Levrus: You should begin with Murago Puntjal.
Levrus: Just tell him I sent you, or speak about the Philter of Intelligence.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: Levrus said I should talk to you concerning the Philter of Intelligence.
Murago: Ah I see another brave adventurer seeking the Philter of Intelligence.
Murago: We have an interfaith counsel that closely guards the distribution of these items so they are not used improperly.
Murago: Do you want to take my test?
YOU: I am ready for your test.
Murago: Here is your question then.
Murago: How much dirt is in a hole 2 and a half meters wide, 3 meters deep, and 2 meters long?
YOU: none
Murago: None is the correct answer, as there is no dirt in a hole.
Murago: You should now speak with Jardet Forsill.
Murago: Just tell him I sent you or speak of the Philter of Intelligence.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Murago said I should see you with regards to the Philter of Intelligence.
Jardet: You want the Philter of intelligence, then?
Jardet: You know those are not just given to anybody, yes?
Jardet: Well, I suppose you do.
Jardet: Here is my problem for you, then: The poor have it in abundance.
Jardet: The rich need it desperately.
Jardet: If you eat it, you will die.
Jardet: What is It?
YOU: nothing
Jardet: Very clever indeed: yes, nothing is the answer.
Jardet: Now you should speak with Sharven in the temple of Laanx.
Jardet: Just tell him I sent you, or speak of the Philter of Intelligence.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Jardent sent me, I need the Philter of Intelligence.
Sharven: I see.
Sharven: I suppose you think you have reached such a juncture in your life where you need a Philter of Intelligence, and at your age.
-Sharven shakes head sadly.-
Sharven: It is not my place to choose for others, but if you can pass my test you may have the Philter you seek.
Sharven: You place a common coin into an empty Philter of Intelligence and insert the cork.
Sharven: Now that you have done this, how can you remove the coin without breaking the Philter's lovely bottle or taking out the cork?
YOU: push the cork in
Sharven: Wonderfully done!
Sharven: Yes, pushing the cork into the bottle is the solution.
Sharven: Here is the Philter of Intelligence.
Sharven: Do not use it frivolously.
→ Go to Meoeor
YOU: I was able to get a vial of the Philter of Intelligence.
Meoeor: You have the Philter of Intelligence.
Meoeor: Glad to hear it captain.
Meoeor: May I have it?
YOU: gives Meoeor the vial.
Meoeor: Well done, Stonehammer.
Meoeor: Now I promised you something nice in return.
-Meoeor digs in his bag and presents you with a glyph.-
Meoeor: Ah, here you go!
Rewards: 1 Might glyph, 15 Faction with Science Association, 10800 XP.