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Merrinez's Bad Mood
Required: 1 Leather Gloves.
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YOU: Do you have a task for me?
Merrinez: Humph.
Merrinez: I work days and nights in the warehouse, and now some snipper wants me to set him some silly task, just so I can give away my hard earned wealth?
Merrinez: I have no need to feel important by employing people.
Merrinez: My only problem is that my work is too hard.
YOU: Tell me about your problem.
Merrinez: The main problem is the physical work.
Merrinez: I've nearly ruined my paws with all this loading and unloading of giant boxes.
Merrinez: The working hours here are also too long, so I can get little rest.
Merrinez: At least the pay is good; otherwise, I wouldn't be here right now!
Merrinez: Anyway, I don't think you can do anything for me.
Merrinez: Goodbye.
YOU: This might help your hands.
Merrinez: Hey, what's this…
Merrinez: gloves?
Merrinez: This is very kind of you.
Merrinez: They're so soft and precious!
Merrinez: I've never thought about gloves, but they can probably ease my work.
Merrinez: At least my hands will not be ruined!
Merrinez: Thanks.
Merrinez: I have to repay you for your help, so take this reward.
Rewards: 35 Faction with Crafting Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.