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Merrinez Love Letter
Required: 50 trip.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: Hi, Do you require more help?
Merrinez: Well, as you've proven to be a kind person, maybe you can help me with something quite personal?
YOU: What seems to be the problem?
Merrinez: Well, ehm…
Merrinez: you see…
Merrinez: I have…
Merrinez: well, you should know that I have some sentiments for a very nice feline in Dsar Akkaio…
Merrinez: but maybe you don't know her…
Merrinez: do you know of my beautiful female Enkidukai?
Merrinez: She lives here in Akkaio.
Merrinez: Her fur is so soft, her eyes so beautiful.
Merrinez: You do know who I speak of do you not?
YOU: toda
Merrinez: Oh yes!
Merrinez: Exactly her!
Merrinez: Isn't she splendid?
Merrinez: Anyway, I'm a bit shy and really have no clue on how to meet her.
Merrinez: She is always so busy with her work, and also I cannot leave this dock!
Merrinez: How can I contact her?
YOU: letter
Merrinez: A letter?
Merrinez: Sounds good, but it's not that easy.
-Merrinez looks puzzled.-
Merrinez: Writing is not my best quality…
Merrinez: unless you can help me to write it.
Merrinez: Will you?
Merrinez: I shall give you something valuable.
Merrinez: Please?
YOU: I will try my best.
Merrinez: Thank you, Tabei.
Merrinez: First of all, we need ink and paper.
Merrinez: Could you please find some for me.
Merrinez: I believe there is a library somewhere that you can buy ink and paper.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I need some ink and paper.
Jayose: I suppose I could spare some for you.
Jayose: One lot for fifty Trias, agreed?
YOU: Fifty you say? I think it is a fair price.
Jayose: Very well, give me a moment.
-Jayose takes some sheets of paper from a near pile, then opens a drawer and picks up the ink.-
Jayose: Here is the ink and paper, as requested.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: Here is your ink and paper.
Merrinez: Perfect, now we are ready to write the letter.
Merrinez: How should I start?
YOU: dear toda
Merrinez: Sounds simple enough.
-Merrinez Dholant begins to write.-
Merrinez: There, now, I should not start with big words.
Merrinez: What should I tell her first?
Merrinez: She's probably wondering who it is that is sending the letter.
Merrinez: What should I write about?
YOU: your mind
Merrinez: Alright, I will write something about my personality.
-Merrinez starts writing. After a few minutes, he raises his head.-
Merrinez: That part is completed.
Merrinez: She now knows about who I am, but what should I tell her next?
YOU: your love
Merrinez: I don't know.
Merrinez: Do you really think I should?
Merrinez: What if she doesn't share my feelings?
-Merrinez composes himself.-
Merrinez: Yes!
Merrinez: I will go for it!
-Merrinez starts writing with passion. After a few minutes, he looks at you.-
Merrinez: Looks good.
Merrinez: How should I end the letter?
YOU: yours
Merrinez: Yes, that sounds fine.
Merrinez: Now I just need someone to deliver the letter to her.
Merrinez: Will you?
YOU: I will do it with pleasure.
Merrinez: Perfect.
Merrinez: I thank you.
Merrinez: You truly have made my day.
Merrinez: Please hurry, and return to let me know what she says.
Merrinez: I shall wait for word from my beautiful Toda.
→ Go to Toda Ombretis
YOU: I have a special delivery for you.
Toda: What is this…
-Toda looks at the letter, and looks at you a bit puzzled.-
Toda: I was not expecting a letter.
Toda: I am very busy today, can this letter wait?
YOU: No, you must read the letter now.
Toda: This sounds important.
-Toda opens the letter without haste and reads the first few lines.-
Toda: Oh..
-Toda blushes. Toda's ears stand straight up as her eyes grow large and a small shy smile forms on her face.-
Toda: Erhm.
Toda: Could you please give me one moment here.
-Toda walks away from the counter and continues to read the letter with attention, she smiles a great big smile, then stifles a giggle.-
Toda: Ehm…
Toda: yes well.
-Toda walks back to the counter, and takes out a piece of paper and some ink.-
-Toda begins to write a message on the paper.-
-Toda folds the message and seals it before handing it to you.-
Toda: Please, return this to Merrinez.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: I have a reply for you from Toda.
-Merrinez rips open the seal and begins to read the letter.-
Merrinez: Uh huh…
Merrinez: yup…
Merrinez: uh huh…
-Merrinez grins from ear to ear.-
-Merrinez looks at you.-
Merrinez: Thank you YOU.
Merrinez: I can't believe my luck, this is wonderful.
Merrinez: This letter says she would like to get to know me better.
Merrinez: I must go and find something to wear.
Merrinez: Ahh, wait first I must show you my appreciation.
Merrinez: This is something precious that I received from a merchant.
-Merrinez hands you a rock.-
Merrinez: May Talad bless you, Tabei!
Rewards: 1 Rock glyph, 40 Faction with Crafting Association, 17800 XP.