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New Sabre for Jecascis
Required: 1 Sabre Blade, 1 Sword Handle.
→ Go to Jecascis Airiskel
YOU: Hi, may I do anything for you?
-Jecascis looks at you with a slight smile.-
Jecascis: Sure.
Jecascis: As I've already told you the last time you've helped me, I like improving my skills in the Arena…
Jecascis: So, I'd like to try a new weapon.
Jecascis: I see many go around the arena with sabres, so why not asking someone to make me one?
Jecascis: As you were able to find for me something I couldn't last time, and I'm still in duty, I'm sure it will be a joke for you to find me a crafter to make me a pair of those!
Jecascis: Maybe I'm even so lucky that you are actually one!
-Jecascis does a broad smile.-
Jecascis: So, what do you say good Enkidukai?
Jecascis: Will you help me?
YOU: Yes, Sure. I've just in mind who might be able to make you one.
Jecascis: Oh, great.
Jecascis: Then, ask this person you know to make me one.
-Jecascis looks on the floor and just one second after looks again at you.-
Jecascis: Oh, one last thing…
Jecascis: I'd like to see the quality of the blade and of the handle before it's assembled!
Jecascis: I hope that person won't mind about this.
-Jecascis smiles.-
Jecascis: So…
Jecascis: I'm looking forward for your return.
YOU: Here you are what you wanted to see.
Jecascis: Sorry, good Enkidukai, but I can't see the blade and the handle where are they?
Jecascis: It's enough if you hold them in your hands, so I can have a look.
YOU: Here you are what you wanted to see.
-Jecascis looks with attention to the handle and the blade you are holding.-
Jecascis: Alright.
Jecascis: They seem to look fine…
Jecascis: Thanks good Enkidukai for allowing me to see them.
Jecascis: Then, I will be waiting your return with those pieces assembled!
Jecascis: Please try to be fast!
Jecascis: I'd like to try it as soon as I'm off duty.
Jecascis: I really can't wait to have my new sabre in my hand!
-Jecascis smiles and waves at you.-
Jecascis: I hope you'll be back soon!
YOU: Here you are the sabre you have requested.
-Jecascis takes the sabre and looks with attention at it.-
Jecascis: It looks good…
Jecascis: let's see…
-Jecascis brandishes the sabre and swings it.-
Jecascis: It seems to work also fine.
Jecascis: Thank you ever so much!
Jecascis: I'm really looking forward to try it on the arena ground as soon as I'm off duty!
Jecascis: Talking about arena ground…
Jecascis: Just the other day I've found this book.
-Jecascis takes out a book and shows it to you.-
Jecascis: It seems to say something about making some swords.
Jecascis: As you have helped me a lot, I'd like to donate it to you.
Jecascis: Maybe it could be helpful to you…
-Jecascis takes out some circles.-
Jecascis: In addition, I will also give you some circles for your great work.
-Jecascis waves at you.-
Jecascis: Farewell good Enkidukai.
-Jecascis diverts his attention from you and looks at his new sabre with a broad smile.-
Rewards: 1 Superior Sword Parchment, 12500 Tria, 6000 XP.