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Nkaw's Contrition
Required: 1 Gold Ore.
→ Go to Nkaw
YOU: You look a bit troubled.
Nkaw: I am!
Nkaw: There is something that has been troubling me ever since I joined the Shadow Squadron.
Nkaw: Polyuntri Stevald is second in command of our troops here.
Nkaw: Since he is my immediate supervisor, it is important that I have a good relationship with him.
Nkaw: Unfortunately for me, he is quite invested in worshipping Laanx and it influences many of his decisions for promotions.
Nkaw: It is unfortunate because I fell out of favour with the Laanx temple in Hydlaa as a child.
Nkaw: Menlil caught me stealing candle holders and I was told never to return.
Nkaw: There must be some way of getting back in the temple's good graces.
Nkaw: Will you speak to Menlil about what must be done to mend this rift with the Temple of Laanx?
YOU: Yes.
Nkaw: Thank you.
Nkaw: Go and ask him if he remembers me; if needed, remind him of the candlesticks.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Hello, do you remember Nkaw?
Menlil: Hmm, the name does sound familiar…can you tell me something more that might help me remember?
YOU: He stole some candlesticks when he was a child.
Menlil: Ah yes, now I remember the lad.
Menlil: Youngest person ever to be restricted from access to the temple.
Menlil: And he sent you to try and make amends did he?
YOU: Yes, Nkaw wants to make amend.
Menlil: Good.
Menlil: It is always good to hear someone displaying their contrition for disturbing the temple.
Menlil: Laanx is very sensitive to the goings-on in the temple and does not forgive easily.
Menlil: For Laanx, the tasks one must perform to atone when they have wronged the temple are always greatly disproportionate to the initial crime.
Menlil: Of course, I do not administer absolution.
Menlil: You must speak to Sharven about contrition.
Menlil: May Laanx frighten the shadow from thy path.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Do you know anything about contrition?
Sharven: Yes, who is it that seeks contrition?
YOU: Nkaw.
-Sharven takes hold of his holy symbol and closes his eyes and concentrates. The holy symbol begins to glow.-
Sharven: Oh Laanx, by your might, how can Nkaw give thanks and be redeemed in your sight?
-Sharven's holy symbol glows red and he seems completely entranced.-
-This continues for the next few moments until the symbol and Sharven both return to normal.-
Sharven: Laanx does not forget or forgive so easily as us.
Sharven: My feeling is that Laanx is still very angry with Nkaw even though his transgression is two decades old.
Sharven: He should do some tasks in a show of good faith to Laanx, but as I said Laanx is not favorable to him.
Sharven: I suggest for him to ask someone else to amend for him.
Sharven: You look like a possible candidate.
Sharven: Will you be working for his atonement?
YOU: Yes, I will work towards his atonement.
Sharven: Praise be to Laanx!
Sharven: It is always good to see someone tend to the needs of others with greater goals in mind.
Sharven: First, you must be anointed: you cannot seek atonement without anointment.
Sharven: In order to do so we will need pure water, one gold ore, and an Oil of Prayers.
Sharven: You can speak to some folks and find these things, or dig them out of the earth as needed.
Sharven: I know the Oil of Prayers is very rare and I think only one of the many alchemists makes this concoction.
Sharven: When you return, have all three at the ready, and give them to me.
Sharven: Now go, and may Laanx frighten the shadow from your path.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Hello, I'm looking for pure water.
Jardet: Pure water?
Jardet: Well you came to the right place.
Jardet: The mystical waters of this fountain are a blessing from the depths of Yliakum meant to renew our hearts.
Jardet: Of course, if you want some you are going to have to find and empty potion bottle in order to capture some.
Jardet: I suggest speaking to a cook to get an empty bottle if you haven't one with you.
Jardet: I will fill it for you on your return.
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I would like an empty bottle please.
Jomed: Oh sure.
Jomed: I have none Reffitia owes me one.
Jomed: Go see her.
Jomed: She works in Brado's in Ojaveda.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: I need an empty bottle.
Reffitia: Oh, those old things clutter up everything.
-Reffitia takes a bottle from an old barrel with many more inside, sneezing at the dust on it.-
Reffitia: Phew, dusty old thing.
-Reffitia hands you the bottle and then dusts her hands off.-
Reffitia: Glad to help!
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: hands Jardet an empty bottle.
Jardet: Ah, perfect.
-Jardet bends down, fills the empty bottle with pool water, and hands it to you.-
Jardet: Well, here is your pure water.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: What can you tell me about the oil of prayers?
Charisa: Oh, Oil of Prayers?
Charisa: Normally I'd be happy to help someone atone and return to the embrace of Laanx, but I cannot now.
Charisa: One needs to be in a good frame of mind to work in Alchemy.
Charisa: I am far too despondent over the lack of word from the Bronze Doors about my husband Alekial to even pick up my mortar and pestle.
Charisa: If you can get me word from Aerayau Strongwill about my husband, I might be able to gather the focus to aid you.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: Charisa sent me to get word of her husband, Alekial Malod.
Aerayau: I would imagine that Mrs.
Aerayau: Malod is dismayed that Alekial has been gone so long.
Aerayau: However, he did sign an extended duty contract inside the Stone Labyrinths.
Aerayau: He's serving with Barl Prestis in there, so he's in good hands.
Aerayau: Here.
Aerayau: Allow me to write up a note to Charisa to ease her fears.
-Aerayau takes a quill and parchment, then quickly writes a note and seals it.-
Aerayau: Ensure this gets to her post-haste.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: Aerayau gave me this letter to give to you.
Charisa: News, so fast?
-Charisa unseals the letter and reads it.-
Charisa: Signed an extended duty contract…
Charisa: alive and well…
Charisa: misses me and hopes to see me in a few months?
Charisa: Oh, that's such a relief!
-Charisa holds the letter to her heart for a moment and takes a deep breath.-
Charisa: Very well, you wanted some Oil of Prayers.
Charisa: I believe I have the ingredients to make them; one moment please.
-Charisa enters her house and re-emerges shortly afterward.-
Charisa: Well look at this!
Charisa: I looked and I still had some already made!
Charisa: Thank you so much for helping me.
Charisa: I hope this brings peace.
-Charisa carefully lowers a small flask to you.-
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Here are the items you need, pure water, a gold ore, and the oil of prayers.
-Sharven pours the water into the magical brazier to his side.-
Sharven: Laanx, may this water purify the soul of the contrite Nkaw.
-Sharven melts the ore in the brazier.-
Sharven: May the melting of this ore to pure gold symbolize the melting of the impurities from Nkaw's heart.
-Sharven heats the flask over the brazier until the liquid inside starts bubbling.-
Sharven: This we ask in the name of Laanx.
-He uses a Cold glyph to cool the oil back down, then pours it on your head.-
Sharven: Be anointed, Nkaw.
Sharven: You are cleansed and once again pure in the eyes of Laanx.
Sharven: You may want to tell him now that he is cleansed.
Sharven: I look forward to seeing Nkaw back in the Temple once again.
→ Go to Nkaw
YOU: You have been cleansed.
Nkaw: And you smell like oil.
-Nkaw smiles and makes a small bow to you.-
Nkaw: Polyuntri is sure to look upon me more kindly and think of me for promotions now.
Nkaw: Thanks!
Nkaw: This ought to cover your trouble.
-Nkaw gives you some coins.-
Rewards: 20 Faction with Iron Hand, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.