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No Time for the Dark
Required: Rank 40 Dark Way, 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Robe.
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: This Way Robe is a proof of my dedication to the Dark Way.
-Oriven lifts a hand, while he continues to watch the Dark Crystal. His pupils narrow down becoming keen points. After this Oriven turns to you.-
Oriven: What do you want?
-Oriven lowers his gaze to your cloak and growls.-
Oriven: Oh, that.
Oriven: I can train you no more then.
Oriven: Go to Deelor Blackeye or Rulayne Ogrin.
Oriven: Understood?
YOU: Understood.
Oriven: Deelor will train you until you became worthy enough to be Rulayne's apprentice.
Oriven: Deelor applied to the Dark Way and is a former student of the Dark Circle, he has much to teach you.
Oriven: But you'll need to do something more before going to Rulayne.
Oriven: First, finish the training with Deelor.
Oriven: Second, you must show your worthiness to Rulayne.
Oriven: Bring him two Dark Way Wands, yours and one more.
Oriven: Take the last one from your fellow students to prove that your peers respect you.
Oriven: Rulayne will give it back after your meeting.
-Oriven directs his attention to an open book on an old table. Then he takes a last look to you.-
Oriven: Third, you need an Illness glyph to be trained by Rulayne.
Oriven: This one.
-Oriven hands you a glyph. It's cold.-
Oriven: That is all.
Oriven: Leave.
Rewards: 1 Illness glyph.