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Nohali's Nick
Required: 1 Weapon Repair Kit.
→ Go to Nohali Mirdasu
YOU: Is there something I can do for you?
-Nohali looks up from admiring her claymore. Her eyes are cool and calm.-
Nohali: Yes?
Nohali: You wish to do something for me?
Nohali: Oh no.
Nohali: I have everything I need right here.
-Nohali caresses her claymore as if it is a child, and wipes a tiny smudge of grime off its otherwise spotless blade with a corner of her ragged shirt.-
Nohali: What is this?
-Nohali stops and looks closer as her eyes go wide with panic.-
Nohali: A…
Nohali: a…
Nohali: a nick?
Nohali: No…
Nohali: this can't be.
Nohali: I have to fix it.
Nohali: Have to make him perfect.
Nohali: A smith!
Nohali: I need to buy a…
Nohali: no…
Nohali: can't go in the light.
Nohali: The whisper does not allow it…
Nohali: You!
Nohali: You can help me, right?
YOU: Yes, I will help.
Nohali: Thank the whisper!
Nohali: Quick, get me a repair kit quick as a rivnak.
-Nohali turns her attention back to her claymore with worried eyes.-
Nohali: Don't worry.
Nohali: Help is coming soon.
Nohali: It will be all right.
YOU: gives Nohali a weapons repair kit.
-Nohali grabs the repair kit from your hands and starts working the strop across her blade, rocking back and forth as she does so and whispering to herself.-
Nohali: It will be all right…
Nohali: it will be all right…
Nohali: it will be all right…
Nohali: Done!
-Nohali smiles and hugs the blade close to herself, the thin cut it leaves on her cheek going unnoticed. Her manner changes completely in an instant, once again becoming calm.-
Nohali: Thank you.
Nohali: You have surely been sent by the whisper to bless me this day.
Nohali: I will remember this.
Nohali: Take this, and do not spend it all in one place.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.