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Noxdar Breaks it Off
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Noxdar Darmeth
YOU: You look like you could use some help.
Noxdar: Oh, hello.
Noxdar: You wanted to do something for me?
Noxdar: Yes, I suppose you could.
Noxdar: I'm having a little difficulty with the affairs of the heart.
Noxdar: Still want to get involved?
YOU: I'd not like it to be said that I'm all fight and no heart. I'll help.
Noxdar: Thanks.
Noxdar: I've been seeing Frilaa Bhundri, an enkidukai in the Plaza area, for a little while now.
Noxdar: However, I discovered something shocking: she is married and did not tell me!
Noxdar: Please, if you could, tell her that I must stop courtship.
Noxdar: She will no doubt ask why I do so, and why I do not go myself.
-Noxdar coughs nervously.-
Noxdar: Just tell her I'm busy with work.
Noxdar: Whatever you do, do not let on that I know she's married!
Noxdar: There are things at stake which you do not know about!
-Noxdar begins sweating.-
Noxdar: I wish you well, and I hope you do the right thing.
→ Go to Frilaa Bhundri
YOU: Noxdar is saddened to inform you that he must cease his courtship of you.
Frilaa: You did not just tell me that Noxdar sent someone in his place to break it off with me!
-Frilaa makes a snapping noise with her paw.-
Frilaa: I don't suppose he gave you a reason?
YOU: Work steals his every waking moment.
Frilaa: I…I see.
Frilaa: That is unfortunate.
Frilaa: I know he's been trying to be an engineer; I didn't realize how time-consuming it could be.
-Frilaa ponders the situation.-
Frilaa: Wait, does he know about my husband?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Husband? I don't know what you're talking about.
Frilaa: He doesn't?
Frilaa: That's good.
Frilaa: If he did, he'd have to duel with my husband sooner or later.
Frilaa: But this break-up is for the best.
Frilaa: Here, give him this letter.
-Frilaa pulls out a paper and pen, and hastily writes a sweet letter. She then hands it to you.-
Frilaa: Please give that to Noxdar Darmeth.
→ Go to Noxdar Darmeth
YOU: Here, she wrote you a letter.
Noxdar: A letter from Frilaa, for me?
-Noxdar opens the letter and reads it. He smiles and breathes a heavy sigh of relief.-
Noxdar: Oh, thank you, Tabei.
Noxdar: You may not know it, but you have saved a life this day.
Noxdar: I can't give you much, though.
Noxdar: Perhaps this heart that I kept from my adventuring days?
Noxdar: This armour?
Noxdar: You decide.
Way 2:
YOU: It's true; he did find out about your marriage.
Noxdar: That cowardly rat!
Noxdar: Trying to escape a duel of honour!
Noxdar: Well, you just give him this from me.
Noxdar: He's going to have to accept his fate no matter what.
-Frilaa pulls out a paper and pen, and hastily writes an angry letter. She then hands it to you.-
Noxdar: You give that to Noxdar Darmeth, you hear me?
→ Go to Noxdar Darmeth
YOU: Here, she wrote you a letter.
YOU: A letter from Frilaa, for me?
-Noxdar opens the letter and reads it. He pales and his hands begin trembling.-
YOU: No…you told her…there will be a duel…you don't know what you've done.
YOU: You may have thought telling the truth was the right thing to do but I assure you no good will come of this.
-Noxdar sighs wearily.-
YOU: What is done, is done.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Meteor Glyph, 20 Faction with Enkidukai, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP, [Way 2] 1600 XP.