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Nyshyn's Silver Signet
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: You look like you could use some help.
Nyshyn: Graa…
-Nyshyn growls to herself as she brushes gently at a corroded lump of metal shrouded in dried mud. She mutters as she works.-
Nyshyn: I am so angry…
Nyshyn: every time I turn around it's some idiot or other making trouble that needn't exist, only to serve his own selfish idiot interests.
Nyshyn: Mikana the moron, cursed Kisatol!
-Nyshyn abruptly drops the lump and kicks it, making a face as she hurts her foot in the process. She watches it roll away and curses energetically under her breath.-
Nyshyn: You want something from me, do you?
YOU: You seem frustrated. Is there anything I can do for you?
Nyshyn: I see.
-Nyshyn looks you over with a considering expression on her face. She sighs.-
Nyshyn: All right.
Nyshyn: I do need to get something to an acquaintance.
Nyshyn: It is small, but I'll give you a golden circle for prompt service.
Nyshyn: Tell Lori Tryllyn I sent you and give her these.
Nyshyn: She works at Jayose's Library and Codexes.
-Nyshyn gives you a silver ring and a sealed letter.-
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: Nyshyn wished me to speak to you.
Lori: Oh, really?
-Lori smiles and looks up from her work.-
Lori: A delivery, I'll wager.
Lori: Let's see it.
YOU: Why yes, she did indeed give me some things to pass on to you.
Lori: Good, let's have it here then.
-Lori holds out her hand expectantly.-
YOU: Here they are. I hope you know what to do with them, since I do not.
Lori: Ah, what a pretty little ring.
-Lori inspects the ring closely, then breaks the embossed wax seal on the letter, puts on her glasses, and reads it. She clucks her tongue at a few parts, making a sympathetic face.-
Lori: The poor thing…
-Lori looks back at you.-
Lori: She'll be wanting you to go straight back out there with a bit of proof that this was delivered.
Lori: Let me get you that, I will be right back.
-Lori ducks down the aisle and goes to the back of the stacks, returning in a moment with a small leaf-green metal box.-
Lori: Give this to her, she will know that it is from me.
-Lori gives you the box.-
Lori: Thank you for helping with these things, Madam.
Lori: It is kind of you.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: Lori sends this back to you with her regards.
Nyshyn: Another one of Lori's cute little boxes, hmm?
-Nyshyn lifts the box to sniff at it.-
Nyshyn: Yes.
Nyshyn: Most pleasing, and thank you.
Nyshyn: Did everything go well?
YOU: I had some problem, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Nyshyn: Good.
Nyshyn: Here is your payment, as I promised.
-Nyshyn gives you a few golden circles.-
Nyshyn: Thank you for the delivery and take care, Madam.
Nyshyn: Oh, and please feel free to take this with you.
Nyshyn: Someone left it here…
-Nyshyn looks behind a ruined wall, takes out a shovel and passes it to you with an ironic smile.-
Nyshyn: People really shouldn't go digging around old ruins if they don't know what they are doing.
Rewards: 1 Shovel, 25 Faction with Thieves Organization, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.