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Oh Shining Crystal
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: Got any jobs for a poor adventurer?
Ondren: Well honourable Stonehammer, perhaps there is something.
Ondren: Doing business all day can be taxing.
Ondren: Nothing would soothe me as much as reading a fine Kran poem.
Ondren: I believe that some of the greatest Kran writers lived here in Hydlaa.
Ondren: If you could perhaps find me a slim volume of Kran poetry I would be delighted.
Ondren: What say you?
YOU: I'll see what I can find.
Ondren: Most kind.
Ondren: Good luck in your search honourable Stonehammer.
Ondren: Perchance the local library might have some tomes.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I'm looking for a book of Kran poetry.
Jayose: It's possible we may have some.
-Jayose rummages through a catalogue.-
Jayose: Nothing in here.
Jayose: Perhaps Arion…
-Jayose pauses a moment and then hollers at the top of his voice.-
Jayose: Arion!
-Silence, the only reply.-
Jayose: Arion Fildar!
-From upstairs a female voice shouts: 'This is a library! Be quiet!'-
Jayose: Oh, for the love of Talad.
-Jayose shouts back.-
Jayose: This is my library and I want that no-good, mushroom eating, lazy, useless mud dobber of an assistant!
-Jayose takes a deep breath and tries to control himself. In a more measured tone he continues.-
Jayose: That fool is probably off one of his so-called 'breaks.' If you want Kran rhymes, go find him and tell him I sent you.
Jayose: And while you are at it, give the little trepor spawn a good kick in his thesaurus.
→ Go to Arion Fildar
YOU: Jayose is looking for you.
Arion: Oh dear!
-Arion blanches.-
Arion: The master is vexed again.
-Arion looks at you imploringly.-
Arion: Please do not tell him where you found me.
Arion: I'll help you with anything.
Arion: Just name it.
YOU: I'm on the hunt for some Kran poetry.
Arion: I was cataloguing poetry just the other day.
Arion: Let me think.
-Arion adjusts his spectacles absentmindedly.-
Arion: Yes.
Arion: I do recall a volume of Kran poetry.
Arion: What was it called again?
Arion: Ah…
Arion: It was called Oh shining Crystal.
-Arion suddenly looks a bit worried.-
Arion: But I lent it to Aliress Doomforge.
Arion: If you can get it from her I will scribe you a copy.
Arion: Deal?
YOU: I really need that book. I'll visit her.
Arion: Oh thank you.
Arion: Thank you.
Arion: Hurry back when you have it.
→ Go to Aliress Doomforge
YOU: Arion said he lent you the book, 'Oh shining Crystal'. He would like it back.
Aliress: I do have it.
Aliress: The thing is…
- Aliress has the grace to blush a little.-
Aliress: I was reading it by the fireplace the other evening and I fell asleep.
Aliress: Somehow it must have fallen from my lap and into the embers.
Aliress: It's not completely ruined, but most of the pages are severely charred. I am so sorry.
Aliress: I will pay for the book to be replaced of course.
Aliress: Please take the remains and return it to Arion.
Aliress: He can let me know how much I owe.
→ Go to Arion Fildar
YOU: Here's the book… such as it is.
Arion: Oh no!
-Arion's glasses mist over.-
Arion: This was the only copy.
Arion: What will I do now?
-Arion looks wildly around in panic.-
Arion: Wait.
Arion: I have a good memory for words.
Arion: Yes.
Arion: I will scribe the book from memory.
-Arion whips out a blank book and begins writing.-
Arion: Er…
Arion: I don't quite remember how this line went.
-Arion reads aloud.-
Arion: '…or so I've been told, your smile like rubies, your kisses like…'
-Arion looks up at you.-
Arion: What rhymes with 'told'?
YOU: Perhaps 'gold' is the right word?
Arion: Good clue!
Arion: Got it.
-Arion digs some wax out of his left ear and writes while mouthing the words.-
Arion: Y-o-u-r k-i-s-s-e-s l-i-k-e g-o-l-d.
Arion: Excellent!
Arion: Now let's look at the next problem line.
Arion: '…no love is colder.
Arion: In my heart's quarry, you are my…'
-Arion thinks again.-
Arion: What does with 'colder'?
YOU: How about 'boulder'?
Arion: You are really good at this.
-Arion writes again.-
Arion: Y-o-u a-r-e m-y b-o-u-l-d-e-r.
Arion: There!
Arion: As good as new.
Arion: Just one more and we're done.
Arion: '…
Arion: for the hills know, your words are an avalanche, I am hopeless…'
Arion: What goes with 'know'?
YOU: I think 'below' would fit here.
Arion: I a-m h-o-p-e-l-e-s-s b-e-l-o-w.
-Arion smiles in relief.-
Arion: Done.
Arion: Thank you my friend.
Arion: And here is your copy.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: You won't believe it. I found your book!
Ondren: Thank you, honourable Stonehammer.
Ondren: I appreciate your kindness.
Ondren: I will not forget you, -name-.
Ondren: Please take this as a small token of my gratitude.
Rewards: 1 Crystal glyph, 10 Faction with Science Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.