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Orchibaly Versus the Smelly Jelly
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Orchibaly Gurpleferd
YOU: I'm looking for work.
Orchibaly: Hmm.
Orchibaly: I am not sure I need anything right now, Tabei, but thank you for offering!
-Orchibaly flips through a rumpled recipe booklet and nods.-
-He goes to a shelf and takes down a large jar and opens it. He sniffs, and his nose wrinkles and his ears turn back.-
Orchibaly: Ugh, smelly jelly!
Orchibaly: Smelly smelly!
Orchibaly: Phew!
-Orchibaly flaps a paw in front of his nose.-
Orchibaly: Oh dear, this will not do at all.
Orchibaly: There is a fancy ballroom dance coming up in Hydlaa, you know.
Orchibaly: I have been asked to make some special treats for it and for that I need special jelly!
-Orchibaly turns to look at you.-
Orchibaly: You know, if you want to help, you could go off to Hydlaa and fetch me some!
Orchibaly: Yes..Yes!
Orchibaly: Would you like to do that for me?
YOU: I'll ask around and see what I find.
Orchibaly: Oh, most excellent!
Orchibaly: Smashing and superior!
Orchibaly: Miss Mirra Houphen in East Hydlaa is the one to go to; she is a fine, first-rate cook.
Orchibaly: Let me copy the recipe in case she needs it.
-Orchibaly quickly scribes out a copy in a scribbly and loopy script and passes it to you.-
Orchibaly: There, give her that and tell her Orchibaly Gurpleferd sent you.
Orchibaly: Four jars' worth will be a good amount, if she can do it.
Orchibaly: Bon shdrah!
-Orchibaly cheerily waves a paw goodbye.-
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
Mirra: What's this?
Mirra: A recipe?
-Mirra reads through the messy writing.-
Mirra: Joopiner Berry Jelly…
Mirra: hmm.
-Mirra looks at you.-
Mirra: Did someone send you to me?
YOU: This recipe comes from the cookbook of Orchibaly Gurpleferd.
Mirra: Oh, good old Orchibaly!
-Mirra smiles.-
Mirra: How is he?
Mirra: He can be such a fluffhead sometimes but he is entertaining and a great baker to boot!
Mirra: I suppose he wants some of this jelly.
Mirra: Did he say how much he needs?
YOU: I believe he requested four jars.
Mirra: Oh, so much!
Mirra: I can only manage about half that with the berries I have right now.
Mirra: How about I get cooking, and you go see if you can get a sack of joopiner berries from Jomed up at Kada-El's.
Mirra: I bet he has some sitting around that he could spare.
Mirra: If he tries to charge you, just give him these.
Mirra: That should be plenty.
-Mirra takes four Hexa from her purse and gives them to you.-
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I'd like some joopiner berries.
Jomed: Joopiner berries, now those are expensive, ye know.
Jomed: Not much call for them either though, so I suppose I could part with what I got, for a price.
Jomed: I'll give you a sack of them for three Hexa.
Jomed: It's a fair deal, I assure ye.
YOU: [You hand Jomed the coins.]
Jomed: Thank ye.
-Jomed pockets the coin and digs a clay container out from under the counter. He pours all of the small oval blue berries from the container and into a sack. He fastens the sack closed and gives it to you.-
Jomed: Here ye go!
Jomed: Happy eatin'.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Here are the berries you wanted.
Mirra: Ah, um, thank you.
Mirra: I feel silly.
Mirra: I found I had many more berries in the cupboard than I thought, so here are the jars, all ready for you!
Mirra: I even made one extra for you to keep for yourself.
-Mirra winks.-
Mirra: Be careful though, they are still a bit hot!
Mirra: Oh, and here is a receipt for Orchibaly.
Mirra: I've put it all on his tab.
-Mirra gives you five toasty-hot clay jugs and a small paper receipt.-
Mirra: Thank you and Orchibaly for the business!
Mirra: Take care, Sir!
Mirra: Mirra Houphen waves goodbye.
→ Go to Orchibaly Gurpleferd
YOU: I have your jelly. It's freshly made.
Orchibaly: Oooh, special joopiner jelly!
Orchibaly: Thank you, thank you!
Orchibaly: Did Mirra give you some kind of receipt?
Orchibaly: She likes to do that.
YOU: [You put the receipt into Orchibaly's outstretched hand.]
Orchibaly: Ah, there it is, thank you.
-Orchibaly tosses the receipt into a barrel and opens one of the jelly jars. He sniffs at the blue jelly and smiles.-
Orchibaly: Mmmm!
Orchibaly: This is such fantasti-licious stuff.
Orchibaly: Now I can get to baking!
Orchibaly: Oh, but first, I should give you something nice for your helping me, shouldn't I?
Orchibaly: Right right!
-Orchibaly rubs his paws on his apron, pauses, and then looks down at it.-
Orchibaly: Aha!
Orchibaly: Just the thing.
Orchibaly: Someone traded me this earlier today for a cake, but I have no use for it.
Orchibaly: Perhaps you will!
Rewards: 1 Joopiner Jelly Jar, 1 Potion of Azure Sun Affinity, 35 Faction with Food Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.