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Ore and ore and ore
Required: 30 Ruby Crystal, 30 Sapphir Crystal.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: Hello, anything I can help you with?
Fholen: Yes there is actually.
Fholen: I often have urgent special orders for ores and gems, and I'm sure there are times I'll not be able to fill them in the time I promised.
Fholen: If you help me with some of these you can keep all they pay for yourself.
YOU: Yes ok, I like the sound of that.
Fholen: I have a rather large order for rubies and sapphires.
Fholen: I would like you to deliver 30 of both to Levrus in the magic shop.
Fholen: I think are technically for Niala but he takes all her order.
Fholen: Seems fine with it as well, if you can believe it...
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I have the ores you requested from Fholen.
- Levrus Dahrenn sighs.
Levrus: ...
Levrus: More gems being delivered for the so called Niala...
Levrus: If that is her name...
Levrus: I was told to tell you these are for you.
- Levrus Dahrenn hands you what seem to be tria.
Rewards: 1 Level in Mining, 5130 Tria.