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Ore and ore and ore
Required: [Way 1] 30 Ruby Crystal, 30 Sapphir Crystal, [Way 2] 36 Iron Ore, 4 Coal Lump, [Way 3] 25 Copper Ore, 10 Tin Ore, 15 Coal Lump, [Way 4] 25 Copper Ore, 25 Tin Ore.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: Hello, anything I can help you with?
Fholen: Yes there is actually.
Fholen: I often have urgent special orders for ores and gems, and I'm sure there are times I'll not be able to fill them in the time I promised.
Fholen: If you help me with some of these you can keep all they pay for yourself.
YOU: Yes ok, I like the sound of that.
Possible Ways: 4
Way 1:
Fholen: I have a rather large order for rubies and sapphires.
Fholen: I would like you to deliver 30 of both to Levrus in the magic shop.
Fholen: I think are technically for Niala but he takes all her order.
Fholen: Seems fine with it as well, if you can believe it...
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: I have the ores you requested from Fholen.
- Levrus Dahrenn sighs.
Levrus: ...
Levrus: More gems being delivered for the so called Niala...
Levrus: If that is her name...
Levrus: I was told to tell you these are for you.
- Levrus Dahrenn hands you what seem to be tria.
Way 2:
Fholen: Good, right now I need you to gather 36 iron ores and 4 coal lumps.
Fholen: For some reason Trasok over in Ojaveda sent a message requesting them from me.
Fholen: I can't work out why someone closer wasn't asked.
Fholen: But I won't complain, despite the payment being yours this time.
Fholen: The mine I normally go to is just out side the city gates towards Gugrontid.
Fholen: Just over the hills to the right as you pass to of the forest you should be able to find an iron and coal mine.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I have the ores you requested from Fholen.
Trasok: Thank you very much..
Trasok: uh..
Trasok: Klyros.
Trasok: I was hoping that Fholen would be as prompt with the delivery as he has been.
Trasok: These are the tria I promised him payment.
Way 3:
- Fholen Medraa pulls out a note he was reading before you approached.
Fholen: I have an order from Belcor in Gugrontid.
Fholen: I need you to gather 25 copper ores, 10 tin ores, and 15 coal lumps and deliver them to kra.
Fholen: Apparently kra is trying to prepare a surprise dinner for someone and doesn't have enough supplies.
→ Give Belcor Krakko 25 Copper Ore , 10 Tin Ore and 15 Coal Lump
YOU: I have the ores and coal you requested from Fholen.
- Belcor Krakko seems to have just finished eating some coal.
Belcor: Oh, hello...
Belcor: Oh!
Belcor: Ores and coal.
Belcor: So payment, here you are.
- Belcor Krakko hand you some tria.
Way 4:
Fholen: So I just received an order from Harnquist who needs some ores to make some bronze stocks.
Fholen: If you could get 25 tin and 25 copper and deliver them to him to fill the order that would be great.
Fholen: Oh, and that will all be a little heavy so be sure you can manage it if you try doing it in one trip.
→ Give Harnquist 25 Copper Ore and 25 Tin Ore
YOU: I have the ores you requested from Fholen.
Harnquist: Good, great..
Harnquist: thank you.
Harnquist: Just place them over there.
- Harnquist points to a spot just in front of him.
-You proceed to place them where asked.-
Harnquist: Thank you.
Harnquist: These are you in payment for the ores.
-He then hands you some tria.-
Rewards: 1 Level in Mining, [Way 1] 5130 Tria, [Way 2] 7310 Tria, [Way 3] 9922 Tria, [Way 4] 7310 Tria.