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Paper for Charisa
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: May I assist you my lady?
-Charisa appears absent-minded as you speak to her.-
Charisa: Oh, sorry.
Charisa: I was thinking about my beloved husband.
-Charisa wipes a single tear from her cheek with a delicate handkerchief.-
Charisa: Can you do something for me?
YOU: I would be happy to help ease your distress.
-Charisa smiles sweetly at you.-
Charisa: That is nice of you, thank you.
Charisa: If you could get me some ink and paper so I could write him a letter?
Charisa: I seem to have run short.
Charisa: Three lots should be sufficient.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I need some ink and paper to send a letter, three lots please.
Jayose: Give me a hundred and fifty trias, and you shall have your three lots.
YOU: A hundred and fifty you say? I think it is a fair price.
Jayose: Very well, give me a moment.
-Jayose takes some sheets of paper from a near pile, then opens a drawer and picks up the ink.-
Jayose: Here is the ink and paper, as requested.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: Here, now you can send your husband a lovely letter.
-Charisa's eyes brighten.-
Charisa: Thank you so much!
Charisa: I can not wait to write to him again!
Charisa: Please, take some reagents for your kindness.
Rewards: Nothing.