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Pinayet Misses His Friend
Required: Nothing.
YOU: Hiya Ullavin, how are you?
Jardet: YOU!
Jardet: Always good to see you.
Jardet: Would you like to do some more work for me?
YOU: Of course, how can I help?
Jardet: I knew you would help.
Jardet: You see, I just got a letter from my old friend Beniua Busuka over at the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Jardet: I've been bragging to her about Brado's cider for ages, and now she's talking about having some shipped to her on the next caravan!
Jardet: Well, I don't want her to have to do that, so I was hoping you could pick some up from Brado and take it to her.
Jardet: Of course I'll give you something for your time.
-Pinayet hands you a slip of paper.-
Jardet: There you go!
Jardet: That's a payment note.
Jardet: Just give it to Brado and he'll give you a small crate of cider.
Jardet: When you get to Beniua, just give her the crate.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I am here to collect a crate of cider.
Brado: Pinayet's a good sort.
Brado: I'm always glad to help him out.
Brado: Here's the cider.
-Brado hands you a small crate.-
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
-Beniua seems surprised but accepts the crate.-
Beniua: A delivery?
Beniua: Please, tell me who sent it.
YOU: pinayet
Beniua: How very thoughtful of him, but that's Pinayet's way.
-Beniua opens the crate and claps her hands.-
Beniua: Brado's cider from Ojaveda!
Beniua: What a wonderful gift.
Beniua: I was just going to request some from the next caravan heading that way.
-Beniua looks at you and gives you a soft smile.-
Beniua: Pinayet must think well of you to trust you to do this thing.
Beniua: Do you think the same of him, I wonder?
Beniua: You should make the effort to get to know him, he is much more than he seems.
Beniua: Before you go back to him, visit Toda Ombretis in Ojaveda and ask her about Pinayet.
Beniua: You might be surprised.
→ Go to Toda Ombretis
YOU: What do you know about Pinayet Ullavin?
Toda: Ynnwn, didn't you ever wonder why Pinayet Ullavin is the only Ojaveda guard who is not an Enkidukai?
Toda: It's because he earned it, and the respect of every Enkidukai in Ojaveda in the process.
Toda: Pinayet Ullavin nearly lost his life saving the twin daughters of Vigesimi Torkesyn Rabani.
Toda: The twins wandered off while the family was having an outdoor party by the banks of the Irifon River.
Toda: Pinayet was making his way to Ojaveda, looking for work as a sell-sword, when he saw the Vigesimi's two lost cubs being stalked by a pair of serpent gobbles.
Toda: He put himself between the girls and the gobbles and a fierce battle commenced.
-Toda pauses a moment to study your expression.-
YOU: So what did he do?
Toda: Pinayet had nothing but his father's old axe, used for felling trees, but with that he killed both gobbles.
Toda: The party heard the noises and soon found the twins, crying but unhurt.
Toda: Pinayet, however, was badly wounded.
Toda: The Vigesimi had Pinayet taken back to his own ultic, where he was cared for until he recovered.
Toda: As soon as he was well, Pinayet was given a place in the Ojaveda guard.
Toda: He has served with honour there ever since, as anyone in Ojaveda will tell you.
Toda: You really should go to Pinayet and ask him about the Rabani twins.
Toda: It would do him good to talk about it.
→ Go to Pinayet Ullavin
YOU: Tell me about the Rabani twins?
-Pinayet blushes a deep red.-
Pinayet: Gracious, how I love Ojaveda.
Pinayet: I just did what any person would do, but everyone here still talks about it like I was some noble warrior.
Pinayet: They healed me.
Pinayet: They gave me a job I love.
Pinayet: I owe them much more than they owe me.
Pinayet: That's that.
-Pinayet shuffles his feet, smiles and looks at you.-
Pinayet: Did Beniua get her cider?
YOU: Yes she did.
Pinayet: Well, then, I hope she likes it as much as I told her she would.
Pinayet: Here is your payment, friend.
-Pinayet hands you a few tria.-
Pinayet: YOU, you have been a great help to the guards both here and in Hydlaa.
Pinayet: I know that some current and past Guards from the Eagle head fortress have been impressed.
Pinayet: You should head up to the Fortress and speak to people like Beniua Busuka, Rylour Awnnys, Tarmeen Alecheech, Sierann, and Nkel who I think is stationed in a guard tower.
Pinayet: There is also a retired dwarf in Hydlaa who might give you a few tasks now you have proven yourself, has a last name of Bloodaxe.
Pinayet: Good luck.
Rewards: 30 Faction with Guard, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.