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Plans for an Alloy
Required: 6 Copper Ores, 4 Tin Ores, Winch Access.
→ Go to Shiu Hri
YOU: Hi, you seem deep in thought, anything I can help with?
Shiu: I have come to import metals for the lower levels, and am looking for the base metals of an alloy.
Shiu: Can you help me?
YOU: Now that, I can help you with.
Shiu: I appreciate it greatly.
Shiu: First, I understand that if you exit Hydlaa by the gate that my friend Finara Plund is guarding, nearby you will find some stalactites that have fallen point-down in the ground.
Shiu: They are in fact rich in copper ore.
Shiu: I require six pieces.
Shiu: This number is very important.
Shiu: Return to me with them and I'll give you the next requirement.
YOU: Six copper ore as requested.
Shiu: You, Sir, are a wonder.
Shiu: Now, just before Dsar Akkaio lies a river.
Shiu: The spirits of nature have arranged it just so a metal ore is washed toward and collects around the rocks.
Shiu: This metal is known as tin.
Shiu: I implore you, dig around the large rock by this river and find me four pieces of this tin ore.
Shiu: Four.
Shiu: I will be waiting.
YOU: hands Shiu the four tin ore.
Shiu: Marvellous!
Shiu: Thank you, Sir, thank you!
Shiu: This alloy is invaluable to the Nolthrir people.
Shiu: If you know…tell me the name of this alloy, please?
YOU: bronze
Shiu: Bronze.
Shiu: You must be an expert at metallurgy.
Shiu: Very well, I prefer trading with people who know their materials.
Shiu: In exchange for this bronze I present these armored pants.
Shiu: I traded for these earlier, but have decided an underwater people would have little use for them.
Shiu: Consider it a fair trade for the ores.
Shiu: Farewell.
Rewards: 1 Lava glyph, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.