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Polyuntri Needs a Key
Required: 1 Keyhandled Dagger.
[INFO]: You get the Keyhandled Dagger from the Vaieund and a Book on Octarch Chess quest.
→ Go to Polyuntri Stevald
YOU: Hail, I am in search of a task.
Polyuntri: I have something I require, though it is of a personal nature.
Polyuntri: You will have to do something for me to show your commitment.
Polyuntri: I have this box I found: it has an oddly shaped keyhole and I cannot find a key that fits it.
Polyuntri: If you can find me the key, I may have another task for you.
Polyuntri: Do you accept?
YOU: I accept.
Polyuntri: Glad to see the world is not rife with the lazy.
Polyuntri: Return when you have found a key that might fit this box; there is a dagger carved in it if that helps you.
Polyuntri: If you find the key, come and give it to me.
YOU: I have found the key.
Polyuntri: This is an odd looking key indeed; praise Laanx, it just might work.
-Polyuntri tries the key on the box. It opens with a 'snick' sound.-
Polyuntri: Ah, good!
Polyuntri: What do we have here?
Polyuntri: Looks like glyphs.
Polyuntri: We have two here: Light and Darkness.
Polyuntri: You may have the one you want.
Polyuntri: Give me some time alone and come back later.
Polyuntri: I may have another job for you.
Polyuntri: Thanks again.
Rewards: 1 Light glyph, 1 Darkness glyph[OR].