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Polyuntri Stevald Serves Laanx
Required: 1 Rat Eye, 1 Gobble Ear, 1 Consumer Leg, 1 Trepor Egg Sac, 1 Tefusang Skin, 1 Ulbernaut Claw.
→ Go to Polyuntri Stevald
YOU: Do you have a task for me?
Polyuntri: You want a task you say.
Polyuntri: I do not have anything for you right now.
Polyuntri: I need nothing.
Polyuntri: Laanx more than provides for me.
Polyuntri: Well…
-Polyuntri ponders the situation.-
Polyuntri: That makes me think of something that troubles me.
Polyuntri: My brother, Gregori Stevald, is Taskmaster of the Arena.
Polyuntri: When we were children, my mother raised us in the faith of Laanx.
Polyuntri: My father had long since disappeared following Diaboli festivals.
Polyuntri: The church, under the guide of young Sharven, tended to our education while my mother worked as a scribe for the Vigesimi Aargol Stronghand, Amidison's father.
Polyuntri: Do you care to hear more?
YOU: Yes, please continue.
Polyuntri: Good, I will continue.
Polyuntri: At first, we did very well surpassing the other students, even the Xacha students.
Polyuntri: But as we aged, our father's blood quickened within us and we began to act out.
Polyuntri: Fighting was our biggest trouble, because we were so much larger than the others, and were often picked on for it.
Polyuntri: Sharven was very strict on us, and while his discipline drove the faith into me.
Polyuntri: it drove all hope of it out of Gregori.
Polyuntri: To my surprise, Gregori was about age ten when he declared to me that he was going to run away as soon as he had the chance.
Polyuntri: Do you care to hear the end?
YOU: Yes, please.
Polyuntri: Gregori said he believed Laanx hated him.
Polyuntri: When he came of age, he took the hard path of becoming a gladiator, while I used mother's and Sharven's connections to land a job here, as a member of the Shadow Squadron.
Polyuntri: Of course, many years have passed since then and both Gregori and I have risen in the ranks of our professions.
Polyuntri: Gregori now oversees the Arena in Hydlaa, while I serve as primary advisor to Raithen, Commander of the Shadow Squadron.
Polyuntri: My mother passed away five years ago and her last wish was that I bring Gregori back to the faith, because she thought it will be a guide for his actions in the future.
Polyuntri: I would like to fulfill her desire and maybe you can help me.
Polyuntri: Will you attempt this for me?
YOU: Yes, just tell me how.
Polyuntri: You are going to need help to do this, of course.
Polyuntri: Go and speak to Sharven Xant-Areth: he may be able to advise you more in this regard.
Polyuntri: Tell him Polyuntri sent you to discuss about Gregori.
Polyuntri: Depart in peace, and may Laanx frighten the shadows from your path.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Polyuntri Stevald sent me.
Sharven: Polyuntri sent you?
Sharven: It's a long time since I last spoke with him; what is this about?
YOU: To discuss Gregori's faith.
Sharven: Oh, yes.
Sharven: Much time has passed, but the memory of Gregori's loss of faith still makes me sad.
Sharven: I do not really know what the catalyst of his turn from the faith was.
Sharven: Of course I was hard on him, but I was hard on his brother too, and look how well he turned out.
Sharven: A finer worshipper of Laanx can hardly be found in all of Yliakum than Polyuntri Stevald.
Sharven: Perhaps if you spoke to Gregori about Laanx, he could tell you when in his life…what action took place…
Sharven: to cause him to start turning away from the faith.
Sharven: If you can tell me that, I might be able to devise a means to restore his belief.
Sharven: Depart in peace and may Laanx frighten the shadows from your path.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: Sharven and Polyuntri sent me.
Gregori: You must be as much a fool as my brother and that old dust-monger Sharven.
Gregori: Do you think I will spill my soul to any reckless wanderer who comes up and asks?
Gregori: Never mind; you clearly do.
Gregori: If you want to know of such a private matter, you must earn my respect and trust, meddler.
Gregori: I will give you the chance.
Gregori: Will you take it?
YOU: yes, if that is what it will take.
Gregori: You are brave, I will give you that.
Gregori: If you want my respect, you shall have to show your martial prowess; if you want my trust, you will have to display your wisdom.
Gregori: First your prowess: go and find me a consumer leg, a trepor egg sac, a tefusang skin, a rat eye, a gobble ear, and an Ulbernaut claw.
Gregori: When you get all these things, return and give them to me.
Gregori: If you can do this, I will test your wisdom.
Gregori: Start with the part from the easiest creature to kill.
YOU: The rat eye as you requested.
-Gregori grins.-
Gregori: I knew you wouldn't have problems with this.
Gregori: The next might be a bit more difficult: the gobble ear.
YOU: Here is the gobble ear.
Gregori: Very well.
Gregori: The next is a consumer leg.
YOU: I have your consumer leg.
Gregori: A consumer leg, good.
Gregori: Do you also have the trepor egg sac?
YOU: The egg sac.
Gregori: Nice!
Gregori: Now the tefusang skin.
YOU: The skin you wanted.
Gregori: Only one more monster part…
Gregori: an ulbernaut claw.
YOU: The claw you requested.
Gregori: Well, you either have powerful friends or are mighty yourself.
Gregori: I am glad you have satisfied this portion of your efforts to gain my respect and trust.
Gregori: Now I will test your wisdom.
Gregori: I will ask you a question.
Gregori: If you can answer it, I will tell you how I first came to dislike Laanx.
Gregori: Here is my question: Grimal Bloodaxe had a chest that was just a little too heavy for him to carry.
Gregori: He added something to the chest and could then carry it.
Gregori: What was it he added to the chest?
YOU: hole
Gregori: Yes, that is the correct solution.
Gregori: Your wisdom impresses me.
Gregori: Now I will tell you.
Gregori: I first came to dislike Laanx when I snuck into Sharven's chamber at age ten.
Gregori: I had seen Sharven use his holy symbol during ceremonies and it seemed an article of great power.
Gregori: Sometimes it would even seem to glow as he spoke to us.
Gregori: I wanted to be close to Laanx like Sharven was, so I decided to go looking for it.
Gregori: I found it in one of his robes and put the platinum holy symbol around my neck.
Gregori: All of a sudden I had a vision of a hideous tall figure robed in black with a platinum mask over its face.
Gregori: The figure seemed to be waiting at a portal.
Gregori: A Klyros came through and the masked figure spoke 'I'm Laanx, and I'm your god.' I saw the creature gaze resentfully and silently, and then sit on a rock with its chin in its hands.
Gregori: Seeing that the creature refused to follow his orders, the robed figure became enraged and destroyed the creature by whispering a single word.
Gregori: I, too, felt destroyed.
Gregori: This must be boring you.
Gregori: Are you sure you want to hear the rest?
YOU: Yes, please.
Gregori: I will continue.
Gregori: When I awoke, I had a burn mark around my neck and my head throbbed.
Gregori: Brought up amongst Xacha and Ylians with no Diaboli around to tell me better, I did not know the metal would make me THAT ill.
Gregori: Of course my mother had told me to avoid precious metals, but you know how children are, and I had to learn it for myself.
Gregori: The vision frightened me and as I was replacing the necklace, Sharven walked in.
Gregori: Sharven reprimanded me harshly, making me polish sections of the exterior of the temple.
Gregori: I was sick for weeks after, and was still forced to polish the rusty temple.
Gregori: The whole holy symbol incident made me think that Laanx hated me.
Gregori: That was the beginning and Sharven was always harder on me from then on.
Gregori: So the two primary causes of my turning from Laanx were being burned by a holy symbol and Sharven's discipline.
Gregori: Before that I had always had faith.
Gregori: I have finished speaking of this.
Gregori: Now leave me to my thoughts.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: You were too hard on him when Gregori was burned by the holy symbol.
-Sharven listens as you explain in detail what Gregori told you.-
Sharven: Ah, I had hoped he would not say that.
Sharven: I was too hard on him and Polyuntri.
Sharven: Such an unfortunate incident.
Sharven: Being burned because of a central symbol of the faith and having a priest be harsh toward you cannot be easy for a child to understand.
Sharven: I was much harder on Gregori after that, as I recall and this probably reinforced his early thoughts that Laanx disliked him.
Sharven: I am saddened by this news.
Sharven: I am getting old now and I am sure this was a disappointment to Laanx as well.
Sharven: I must make amends!
-Sharven takes out paper and a pen.-
Sharven: I shall pen a letter of apology to Gregori; in the mean time, if you will be so kind as to pick up an article I had commissioned for myself, I will be ready with the letter on your return.
Sharven: I have asked Fholen Medraa to make a holy symbol for me out of jade; it should be finished now.
Sharven: Take this note of assurance to him as payment, return and give me the necklace, and I will give you the letter for Gregori.
Sharven: Fholen is often somewhere near the library.
Sharven: Tell him I sent you.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: Sharven Xant-Areth sent me.
Fholen: Good.
Fholen: I just finished his piece this morning, praise Laanx.
Fholen: Do you have the note of assurance?
YOU: I have this note.
Fholen: Great then, here you are.
Fholen: This necklace is some of my best work; be careful with it.
Fholen: Depart in peace and may Laanx frighten the shadows from your path!
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Here is the necklace.
-Sharven holds the necklace up to the light.-
Sharven: Indeed, it is very nice.
Sharven: Here is the letter and the necklace.
Sharven: I want you to give him this necklace first, then the letter.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: This is for you.
Gregori: A Symbol of Laanx?
Gregori: You must be crazy.
Gregori: And what is this letter you hold?
YOU: This is also for you.
Gregori: What does the old coot want now?
-Gregori opens and reads the letter. Clearly the letter has a deep personal impact. Gregori inspects the jade necklace before looking skyward.-
Gregori: If it is a truth that your priests are wise enough to see their folly, Laanx, I shall open my heart to you.
Gregori: I do not understand why you visited a child with so harsh a vision, but judging by how my life has been since, you must have had a reason.
-Gregori eyes well up as he places the jade necklace around his neck.-
Gregori: Perhaps, Laanx, it is not for me to understand, but merely for me to contemplate.
-Gregori looks down.-
Gregori: You have proven yourself a fine messenger.
Gregori: I will send you back with a letter for my brother, and a letter for Sharven and I am sure Laanx will reward you for your deed.
Gregori: Depart in peace and may Laanx frighten the shadows from your path.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Here you go, this is for you.
Sharven: Indeed, you have wrought a fine work here friend.
Sharven: I do not have much to give you, but here, take this.
Sharven: It is the Platinum holy symbol Gregori burned himself with.
Sharven: You may find a use for it later.
→ Go to Polyuntri Stevald
YOU: I have a delivery for you.
-Polyuntri reads the letter.-
Polyuntri: Astounding news, you have exceeded expectations by far.
Polyuntri: How shall I reward you?
Polyuntri: Richly, I assume, would be best.
Polyuntri: Here is a Battle Helm.
Polyuntri: Also, if Raithen sent you to check up on the Shadow Squadron, as he likes to do occasionally, just tell him Polyuntri serves Laanx first.
Rewards: 1 Platinum Holy Symbol of Laanx, 1 Battle Helm, 25 Faction with Iron Hand, 13600 XP.