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Potions for a Healer
Required: Rank 30 Alchemy.
→ Go to Chired Idelall
YOU: I am told you can help me further study alchemy?
-Chired looks you over and sizes you up.-
Chired: Hmmm…I remember you, dear.
Chired: You helped Liera with that cure.
Chired: I may be old, but I still remember the important things.
-Chired feebly chuckles.-
Chired: So, it seems you are ready for the next phase of your training, hmm?
YOU: Yes, I am excited to find what comes next.
Chired: Well, if you have become comfortable making affinity potions, the next phase is all about healing potions: those to heal, restore, and cure poisons.
Chired: There are three levels of potions one can make: lesser potions, regular potions, and greater potions.
Chired: Naturally, each has a different potency and requires different skills to make.
Chired: As you would expect, a greater potion has the most effect but of course requires the most skill.
Chired: So you'll start with lesser potions.
Chired: I can show you how to make a Lesser Potion of Healing.
Chired: How does that sound?
YOU: I've always wondered how a healing potion is made.
-Chired smiles warmly.-
Chired: Alright, once you have the materials, it's not that hard.
Chired: I'll give you a quick demonstration, then give you a Healer's Remedies book.
Chired: First, much like the affinity potions, most of these are made from herbal components and an essence, except there's no mineral element.
Chired: The essence is made from various animal parts combined with reagents.
Chired: In the case of a Lesser Potion of Healing, I'm going to take some cut Kingsfoil Leaf and combine it with a healing essence.
YOU: What's in a healing essence?
Chired: A healing essence can be made with either an Arangma Egg Sac or a Trepor Egg Sac.
Chired: Utilizing a Trepor Egg Sac requires a bit more skill so start with the Arangma Egg Sac.
Chired: You can only get these from the Forest Arangma, you know.
Chired: First let's cut these Kingsfoil Leaves.
-Chired grabs a handful of Kingsfoil Leaves and cuts them all at once.-
Chired: Remember to consult your Herbal Remedies book for that.
Chired: Now we take an Arangma Egg Sac and pound it into a poultice.
-Chired grabs a nearby egg sac and shows a surprising amount of force as she uses a wooden mallet, hammering it into a fine paste.-
Chired: Now, what do you think we mix this poultice with to make a healing essence?
YOU: spirit
Chired: Exactly, we combine the poultice with Spirit.
-Chired takes the poultice and combines it with Spirit on the table.-
Chired: There, now we have a mix of Arangma Egg Sac Poultice.
Chired: As usual, we take mixes and heat them up on the stove.
-Chired walks to the stove, takes a wooden stirrer and stirs the mix on the stove for a bit.-
Chired: Now we have two Healing Essences.
Chired: Next, we combine one with the cut Kingsfoil Leaf.
-Chired combines the two on the table, then moves to the stove once again and heats up the raw potion, stirring it with an iron stirrer into a Lesser Potion of Healing.-
Chired: And there we have it.
Chired: Get the idea, YOU?
YOU: Yes, I think I know all I need to know.
Chired: Alright then, here is your book.
-Chired hands you a Healer's Remedies book.-
Chired: Give it a quick look-through and let me know if you have any questions.
YOU: An interesting book, I will enjoy making these.
Chired: Very well then.
Chired: Continue practicing and buying training from myself or Liera.
Chired: After eighty lessons, Vladovic can train you, too.
Chired: Once you train with him, if you ever want to take your alchemy to the ultimate level, you might want to ask him if he has something special for you.
YOU: Thank you for all your help, Chired.
Chired: Good luck to you, YOU.
-Chired gives a weak cough before giving you a wave.-
Rewards: 1 Healer's Remedies book.