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Rats and Recipes
Required: 10 Rat Hides, 10 Carrots, 5 Clacker Meats, 1 Tefusang Tooth.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: You look troubled, is there anything I can do to help?
Reffitia: Oh I could not bother you.
Reffitia: It's my problem.
Reffitia: None of your concern.
Reffitia: Unless you really want to help?
YOU: No no, I really would like to help.
Reffitia: Bless you.
-Reffitia lowers her greying ears slightly and looks at you with pleading eyes.-
Reffitia: If you really do want to help me…
Reffitia: no, no. It is too much of an imposition.
-Reffitia mumbles to herself.-
Reffitia: I am in so much trouble…
Reffitia: Oh, I must.
Reffitia: I am desperate; these rats have broken into the tavern's food storage cellar, and Brado told me to handle it.
Reffitia: But- well, there are reasons I was not able to get it taken care of right away.
Reffitia: But he'll soon find that I have not handled it properly and there will be a new cook here.
Reffitia: Please, can you try to find ten rat hides?
Reffitia: If you give them to Brado and tell him that I caught the rats, that will give me time to get things done properly.
Reffitia: I just need a little time yes, some more time.
-Reffitia quickly turns to a simmering pot of stew and stirs it quickly, leaning over to sniff at the steaming scents before looking back at you and continuing.-
Reffitia: If you can find the ones near the cellar door, all the better.
Reffitia: Will you do it, oh kind Madam?
Reffitia: Will you help me?
YOU: Consider your woes solved!
Reffitia: Thank you so much.
Reffitia: It warms my heart to see someone so helpful to a kind old woman with too much work on her paws.
Reffitia: May Talad light your path and hasten your feet!
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Here. These are for you.
Brado: Er, hello.
Brado: What are these for?
YOU: Reffitia sent me to bring them to you.
Brado: Ah, good.
Brado: I was starting to wonder how much of our stores were going to be eaten by those vermin.
-Brado starts cleaning a mug with a cloth as he continues.-
Brado: Please thank her for me.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: Brado sends his thanks.
Reffitia: Oh, thank you, my kind Stonehammer, but I am still in deep trouble…
-Reffitia sighs as she flips slices of meat on the grill.-
Reffitia: I need to make three different stews here for a special dinner and the rats have eaten or spoiled some of the things I need for one of them.
Reffitia: If I do not get the ingredients back soon, then Brado will know I messed up again.
Reffitia: I have already used up his patience, I am certain.
-Reffitia looks over a recipe she has tacked to the wall.-
Reffitia: Please, if I can ask one more thing of you, I need ten carrots, five pieces of clacker meat and a tefusang tooth.
Reffitia: Can you get those items for me?
YOU: Yes, I don't have anything else to do for a bit.
Reffitia: Thank you so much.
Reffitia: It warms my heart to see someone so helpful to a kind old woman with too much work on her paws.
Reffitia: May Talad light your path and hasten your feet!
YOU: Here are your carrots.
Reffitia: Goodness, you have not forgotten me!
Reffitia: Thank you!
-Reffitia quickly slices the carrots into small discs with practiced movements and adds them to a steaming pot of broth.-
Reffitia: Could you now pass me the five pieces of clacker meat?
YOU: Here is the clacker meat, nice and lean
Reffitia: Good, good.
-Reffitia inspects the meat, sniffing at it and taking it to a cutting board for cleaning and dicing. She adds it to the same pot.-
YOU: The tooth of one tefusang, as ordered.
Reffitia: Thank you.
-Reffitia sets the tooth into a large stone mortar and pounds it determinedly with the pestle until the tooth is crumbled to a fine powder.-
Reffitia: There, the stew is coming to a nice boil.
-Reffitia sniffs around the edges of the pot and then stirs in the tooth powder. She takes a small sample with a spoon and tastes it before smiling broadly.-
Reffitia: Ah, it's delicious!
-Refittia's tail swings happily.-
Reffitia: You have been so kind to help save me today.
Reffitia: Please, let me give you these coins, and a gourd of this stew, I know we can spare one.
-Reffitia seals up some of the stew in a gourd and seals it with a wooden stopper. She gives it to you along with some coins.-
Reffitia: Thank you again, and may your path be lit!
Rewards: 1 Reffitia's Savory Stew, 15 Faction with Enkidukai, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.