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Red Way Master Training
Required: Rank 100 Red Way, 2 Adept's Red Way Wands, 1 Apprentice's Red Way Wand, 1 Mind glyph, 1 Fear glyph, 1 Cold glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: The three wands as requested for my proof.
Ferryd: So you have decided to continue with your training and have gathered the items, very well, from this point forward you have begun down the point to becoming a Master of the Red Way.
Ferryd: I thought you might.
Ferryd: You have the look of a Red Way Master to me.
Ferryd: You may return these staffs to their owners.
-Ferryd hands you back two wands, but keeps yours and puts it aside.-
Ferryd: You have proven your knowledge and dedication to the Red Way Circle and to your previous trainers.
Ferryd: You also know of and about the supporting and opposing Ways to the Red Way, this is very important knowledge and you should always keep it in mind.
Ferryd: This knowledge is important for your masters training.
Ferryd: My suggestion is to begin speaking to practitioners and students from the supporting Ways and making allies.
Ferryd: These bonds will become important in the coming tests.
YOU: What comes first?
Ferryd: The first is a test of your ability, I want you to present me with two glyphs.
Ferryd: I'm not going to tell you what they are, but I will give you hints and maybe what I feel about them and then you must work out which I mean.
Ferryd: They are from the Magic Ways which support ours, to give you a little hint.
Ferryd: The first glyph will test your intelligence and the other will make you scream with confusion.
Ferryd: Good luck.
YOU: Mind
Ferryd: Yes, quite right.
Ferryd: That is the glyph that I meant will test your intelligence.
Ferryd: But I know you don't have that glyph with you, now go and find one before I will continue with you.
YOU: I have the Mind glyph now.
-Ferryd nods.-
Ferryd: Good, now when you have the other glyph you can hand both to me.
YOU: Fear
Ferryd: Yes, quite right.
Ferryd: That is the glyph that will make you scream in confusion, I know you don't have one so come back when you do.
Ferryd: But what is the other glyph I want?
YOU: Here are the glyphs as requested.
Ferryd: Well done I'm glad you could work out which glyphs I wanted.
Ferryd: In combining spells, you might need glyphs from the Dark and Azure Ways.
Ferryd: On their own, every Way is limited in power.
Ferryd: You will find that the truly powerful spells are a product of your own Way, improved by those that support it.
-Ferryd hands back the glyphs.-
Ferryd: Although Red Way is the most powerful Way, drawing its power from Chaos, no Way of magic is complete without the other Ways.
-Ferryd looks you in the eyes to make sure you are listening.-
Ferryd: This includes supporting Ways, neutral, and opposing.
Ferryd: Crystal and Brown Way are neutral, neither greatly aiding or impeding the Red Way.
Ferryd: You have just shown me you know of the supporting Ways.
Ferryd: Finally, there is the single Way that mirrors the Red Way.
Ferryd: This is the Blue Way.
Ferryd: For your last task today I will ask you to bring me the Blue Way Glyph that Levrus sells.
YOU: And that will be Cold, right
-Ferryd nods and hands it back quickly.-
Ferryd: This is very important.
Ferryd: Red and Blue Way Circles are not enemies…
Ferryd: Well except for Barrin having no humor.
-Ferryd chuckles.-
Ferryd: Trying to combine opposing Ways is possible -just- but will always be very very dangerous.
Ferryd: You may train the supporting ways within a realm or so of Red Way, but if you train too high in the Blue Way, you risk being removed from the Red Way Circle for everyone's safety.
-Ferryd frowns.-
Ferryd: Mages have burned all magical abilities from themselves by trying to master all Ways.
Ferryd: You should visit the large hole in the top of a hill out towards Ojaveda if you wish to know what happens when you lose control when combining too many Ways.
Ferryd: That hill was once much taller.
-Ferryd shakes his head.-
Ferryd: But good and honest magic can be powerful too.
Ferryd: I want you to see an example.
Ferryd: The elevator of the winch is located between two big towers.
Ferryd: These two towers are on the stable ground.
Ferryd: Go and check, then return here and tell me what their use is.
YOU: stabilize winch using magical energy
Ferryd: Did you see how big the elevator is?
Ferryd: The towers stabilize all the winch.
Ferryd: They are powerful, and there are so many uses of magic…
Ferryd: You will learn much if you stay on the right way.
-Ferryd nods and smiles.-
Ferryd: Are you ready to officially become a Master of the Red Way.
YOU: Always have been.
-Ferryd laughs.-
Ferryd: I guess I really didn't need to ask.
Ferryd: This is your brand new Master's Red Way Wand, and with it you may call yourself by the rank of Master of the Red Way.
Ferryd: You will show it to me every time you are ready for your next test session while you continue training in the usual manner.
Ferryd: I also want you to have this as a personal gift from me.
Ferryd: Even though it is a Brown Way glyph, neutral to Red Way, it can be used and combined with a Red Way glyph for great protection.
Ferryd: I will leave it up to you to discover the spell for yourself.
Ferryd: Also, you may now show your Master's Wand to Willam Chorind.
Ferryd: Becoming a Master in the Circle comes with certain…
Ferryd: Rewards.
Rewards: 1 Earth glyph, 1 Master's Red Way Wand, 40 Faction with Red Order.