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Remant's Gauntlets
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Remant Tovere
YOU: You look troubled?
Remant: Bellieve it or not, I lost my gauntlets again!
Remant: I usually remove the gauntlets every time I do some manual work, and given the good weather I often forget to put them back on.
Remant: It's a problem though, because my captain is very rigid about clothing.
Remant: I fear he will punish me.
Remant: Can you help me?
YOU: Yes, I can help, where should I start?
Remant: Thanks.
Remant: I suggest you to look it the most common places, like the tavern, library or temple.
Remant: I'm a follower of Laanx, and I'm often there.
YOU: I'll go and have an ask round right now.
Remant: Good luck finding them, I'm sorry to have to ask you to look.
Remant: It's likely a worker in one of those places I mentioned picked them up, so be sure to ask them about the gauntlets.
Possible Ways: 4
Way 1:
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: Do you know if Remant left his gauntlets here?
Lori: Ah, I found a pair of gauntlets similar to the ones used by the guards.
-Lori opens a drawer and picks up the gauntlets.-
Lori: These are probably Remant's.
Lori: They were left here the other day.
Lori: Take them.
Way 2:
→ Go to Durok Rrecrok
YOU: Do you know if Remant left his gauntlets here?
-Durok turns and faces you.-
Durok: I did find some not too long ago.
-Kra looks around for a few moments.-
Durok: Here we are, you must mean these.
Way 3:
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Do you know if Remant left his gauntlets here?
Sharven: Actually I have then right here, he must have taken them off while he was sat down praying and must have gotten up and left without them.
Way 4:
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
All ways:
→ Go to Remant Tovere
YOU: I found your gauntlets.
Remant: Oh!
Remant: You found them.
Remant: Well done, and thank you!
Remant: Take this as a small reward.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Guard, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.