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Remant's Sword
Required: 1 Broadsword.
→ Go to Remant Tovere
YOU: Hail soldier, any quests I can help you with?
Remant: Well, this is a bit embarassing, but I misplaced my broadsword and am in desperate need of another.
Remant: Bring me one and I'll reward you well.
Remant: I'd get it myself, but I'm already on duty and cannot leave my post.
Remant: Will you do that for me?
YOU: Consider it done.
Remant: Thank you, Sir!
Remant: I shall be right here, eagerly awaiting the broadsword.
→ Give Remant Tovere 1 Broadsword
Remant: Ah, beautiful!
Remant: You have my earnest gratitude, friend.
Remant: Here's your reward as I promised.
Remant: Thank you again!
Remant: Hey, that's twice you've helped me.
Remant: You should consider joining the guards.
Remant: There are nice rewards for doing a good job.
Remant: You might even get access to the Hydlaa Winch area.
Remant: See my Lieutenant, Jefecra Harcrit, if you're interested.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Guard, 5130 Tria, 9400 XP.