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Remembrance of Love
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: Why do you seem so deep in thought?
Fholen: Well…
-Fholen looks at you for a long, thoughtful moment.-
Fholen: Have you ever loved and lost?
Fholen: I have.
Fholen: In my youth, I fell for a merchant's daughter, Mirlene.
Fholen: She had skin as soft as a child's, but with eyes that held the wisdom of the ages.
Fholen: I was poor, but I was in love.
-Fholen seems lost in his words and appears to forget about you for a few moments before continuing.-
Fholen: I found a cave filled with a fortune in jade.
Fholen: I carved out a huge piece of jade; the largest I ever saw.
Fholen: I sold it to her father, Jogar Fromaad, to prove I could provide.
Fholen: We were married and together for a happy time, but I lost her many years ago.
Fholen: Lately I have been wondering what became of that piece of jade that helped bring me so much happiness.
Fholen: Could you try to find out for me?
YOU: Ok, I’ll see what I can do.
Fholen: Thank you.
Fholen: I really don't have all that much to go on, except that I sold the jade to Mirlene's father.
→ Go to Ervin Fromaad
YOU: Do you have information regarding a huge jade piece Fholen sold years ago.
Ervin: Oh yes!
Ervin: I remember that very well.
Ervin: Fholen had the biggest piece of jade I ever saw.
Ervin: He gave it to my father to prove he could support my sister.
Ervin: But my family fell on hard times later, and my father had to sell the jade.
Ervin: I think he sold it to the Master Blades in Ojaveda.
-Ervin shakes his head a bit sadly.-
Ervin: It was a shame.
Ervin: I bet I could have turned a pretty profit with something so rare.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: Do you have information regarding a huge jade piece Fholen sold years ago.
Trasok: Of course I remember that jade Jogar brought in.
Trasok: It was the biggest I ever laid eyes on.
Trasok: Poor fellow had some sentimental attachment to it, so I gave him fair value, I did.
Trasok: I had it cut to a few nice shapes and sold it.
Trasok: Fattened my purse nicely, I do say.
Trasok: It's hard to come by such a great deal today.
YOU: To whom did you sell the jade?
Trasok: Who did I sell the cut pieces to?
Trasok: Why?
Trasok: You planning to rob him?
-Trasok looks at you suspiciously.-
Trasok: Nahh, I don't think you don't quite look the sort.
Trasok: Doesn't matter.
-Trasok shrugs.-
Trasok: Edrich Sultov took the jade pieces to Hydlaa for trade.
Trasok: Ask him if he remembers them.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Do you remember the jade piece Trasok sold you?
Edrich: Ah, yes, those bits of jade from Trasok.
Edrich: Yes, I took those to Kaiman Jilatt and I am sure he remembers them.
Edrich: He bought that jade hoping to resell it for more, but I don't remember it turning out well for him.
Edrich: Those were not the best years for selling such stones in Hydlaa.
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: Do you remember the jade piece that Edrich brought to you?
Kaiman: Bah, do not remind me!
Kaiman: That was the worst deal I ever made.
Kaiman: If I had sold it back in Poricet, I could have made a decent profit, but not here, not back then.
-Kaiman shakes his head, smiling wryly.-
Kaiman: My business sense is much better now than it used to be!
Kaiman: I ended up having the jade set into a leather headband.
Kaiman: Those were very fashionable where I hail from.
Kaiman: I sold it as a loss to a Kran merchant named Grok.
Kaiman: A pity.
Kaiman: I am sure the Kran still has it, too.
→ Go to Grok Idon
YOU: I heard you bought a jade headband, do you still have it?
Grok: So you are interested in that old jade headband, hmmm?
Grok: It was a hideous-looking thing.
Grok: I bought it for just for the jade, and I tried to craft it into some magical weapons.
-Grok makes a rumbling sound and shrugs slowly.-
Grok: That did not work out.
Grok: I think Kaiman and I both lost out on that deal.
Grok: I sold off the smallest pieces, but I still have the largest.
Grok: I will sell it to you at a very reduced price, if you are interested.
Grok: Say, four circles?
Grok: Hmmmm.
-Grok looks to the sky with a thoughtful expression for a moment and then nods.-
Grok: Yes, one thousand tria, that would be fair.
→ Give Grok Idon 1000 tria
Grok: Thank you, my good Madam.
-Grok counts the coins and nods before reaching into a bag and removing a leather strap with a large jade gem attached. Grok pries the stone loose and hands it to you.-
Grok: Here you go.
Grok: May it bring greater fortune to you than it has for me.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: I was able to regain your jade piece.
Fholen: By the gods!
Fholen: This looks like it's from my old stone!
-Fholen looks closely at the piece of jade and grins.-
Fholen: Yes, yes it is, I remember this corner.
-Fholen smiles broadly at you.-
Fholen: You have made an old miner very happy.
Fholen: Thank you so very much!
Fholen: Please accept a few coins in return for your help.
Fholen: I don't need the money like I did when I was younger.
-Fholen gives you several coins and holds the jade up to the light of the Crystal, gazing at it in wonder and memory.-
Rewards: 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.