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Repair Mulgik's Bracers
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: I thought I'd stop by and see if you needed anything else.
Mulgik: You have been Xiosian sent.
Mulgik: I must thank her.
-Mulgik looks to the ground and incants strange sounds.-
-Mulgik looks at you.-
Mulgik: Sit, Enkidukai.
Mulgik: I ask of you a very special task.
Mulgik: 'Tis not to be lightly taken.
Mulgik: Xiosia trusts you to help me in my time of need.
Mulgik: Will you take on this task?
YOU: Yeah, what is it xiosia needs.
Mulgik: Xiosia give me strength.
-Mulgik face saddens and kra holds out two old leather bracers held in kras big stone hands.-
-Mulgik slowly begins to speak.-
Mulgik: These…
Mulgik: these…
-Mulgik sniffs.-
Mulgik: These belonged once to my elder, Nevixeuphon.
Mulgik: From stone to stone, flesh to flesh, life was given to me.
-Mulgik pauses for a moment.-
Mulgik: I fear that I have worn them thin.
Mulgik: Do you know of Jeyarp of Hydlaa?
YOU: Yes, I know Jeyarp.
Mulgik: This means much.
Mulgik: Repair them please.
-Mulgik stares at the bracers and then to you, it seems as if an inner struggle rages through Mulgik.-
Mulgik: Xiosia says I must trust.
-Mulgik hands you the bracers.-
Mulgik: Return me these after repair.
Mulgik: I will pay well for good work.
-Mulgik begins to meditate.-
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Can you take a look at these bracers?
Jeyarp: Dear gods, these bracers have seen the true meaning of battle.
Jeyarp: What should I do with them?
YOU: I need them repaired.
Jeyarp: I could fix them, but there is no guarantee that they won't break again and from the looks of it this could happen again soon.
Jeyarp: It truly looks as if the owner should replace them.
Jeyarp: It can be hard to give up something one is attached to.
Jeyarp: However, new ones will last longer between repairs.
Jeyarp: I could sell you a new pair very similar to these; would you like to buy them instead?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Yes, new ones would be better.
Jeyarp: I shall give you a fair trade.
Jeyarp: I shall keep these bracers and use them as scraps and patches.
Jeyarp: In return I will sell you this new pair for one hundred tria; that is fifty tria less then you will find them elsewhere!
YOU: One hundred tria, that's not too bad. Here you go.
Jeyarp: Sir, I thank you for your business.
-Jeyarp gives you a set of ornate new bracers.-
Jeyarp: Take care.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: YOU give Mulgik the new bracers.
Mulgik: Enkidukai…
-Mulgik eyes open wide.-
Mulgik: You have faithfully served me.
Mulgik: This task has served you well.
-Mulgik puts the bracers on and a look of dread washes over kras face.-
Mulgik: These bracers are wrong.
Mulgik: Mine held the harmony of my elder.
Mulgik: Bring to me, my bracers.
Mulgik: Xiosia have mercy on you.
-The clouds overhead suddenly look ominous.-
Mulgik: Take these back.
-Mulgik takes the bracers off and throws them to you.-
Mulgik: Remember, one shall only truly be fooled once.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: : Here, here! Take these back!
Jeyarp: What am I to do with these?
Jeyarp: Am I to understand that they were not suitable?
Jeyarp: Do you want those other bracers back?
YOU: Yes, I need the others back now!
Jeyarp: Very well.
-Jeyarp rubs his head.-
Jeyarp: While you have been gone I did repair the other bracers you gave me…
Jeyarp: for some reason I just could not bear to see them discarded.
Jeyarp: You are just in time, as I have had a few people ask about them in your absence.
Jeyarp: However, this is going to cost you, as these are no ordinary bracers; a customer told me of their value.
Jeyarp: I shall keep the one hundred tria for the new bracers and you owe me one hundred and fifty tria more for the repaired set.
YOU: Here is the extra one hundred and fifty tria.
Jeyarp: It is a shame to see them sold for so little, even in the shape they are in.
-Jeyarp gives you Mulgik's bracers. They have been repaired with a few new pieces of leather stitched in.-
Jeyarp: Ah well. So be it, and farewell to you, Sir.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: give Mulgik the repaired bracers.
-Mulgik takes the bracers from you and examines them thoroughly.-
Mulgik: Yes, at last.
-Mulgik looks at you with a worried sort of frown.-
Mulgik: You have done that which I asked.
Mulgik: Your loyalty lies however to yourself.
Mulgik: The Brown Way… we defend and preserve what we value, we seek not to replace it.
Mulgik: Take these coins and seek harmony.
Mulgik: Remember that you have much to learn.
-Mulgik tosses you some loose coins.-
Way 2:
YOU: No, I need them fixed.
Mulgik: Then I shall fix these, however, I will need supplies from the Mikana company in Ojaveda.
Mulgik: I will need you to bring me back three bone needles from Jirosh Mikana.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: I am looking to purchase some bone needles.
Jirosh: Yes, yes, now let me see.
-Jirosh opens a small book of records and checks a figure.-
Jirosh: A terrible shame, I seem to be out of bone needles at present.
Jirosh: It seems though that this day Talad has brought good fortune upon you.
Jirosh: I happen to have a new item in today: needles made of copper.
Jirosh: They are stronger than bone, and they will not chip.
Jirosh: You can even sharpen them when they lose their point.
Jirosh: It is all that I have in stock, and I am not expecting a new shipment of bone needles any time soon.
-Jirosh thinks for a moment.-
Jirosh: Tell you what good Madam, because it is not what you wanted, I will give you a deal.
Jirosh: I shall sell you the needles at half price.
Jirosh: How many did you say you needed?
YOU: I need three.
Jirosh: Normally they are four tria each, as I said, I shall let them go for half price which is two tria apiece.
Jirosh: That will be six tria, please.
YOU: Here you go, six tria.
-Jirosh smiles and gives you the three copper needles.-
Jirosh: Here are your needles.
Jirosh: It was a pleasure, tabei.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: I've brought you your needles.
-Jeyarp takes the needles and looks at them.-
Jeyarp: These are not bone needles like I asked for.
-Jeyarp takes a longer look at them.-
Jeyarp: Interesting.
Jeyarp: Copper I believe, and
-Jeyarp pricks his finger.-
Jeyarp: sharp too…
Jeyarp: very strong.
Jeyarp: I can see where these will come in handy.
Jeyarp: I shall repair your bracers.
-Jeyarp takes the bracers and begins to thread leather cord through the holes already carefully placed by Jeyarp's skilled hands.-
Jeyarp: Good needles.
Jeyarp: Hmm…
Jeyarp: I'll charge you just twenty tria for the repairs.
YOU: gives Jeyarp twenty tria.
Jeyarp: Thank you very much, Madam.
-Jeyarp tucks the coins away and finishes his stitching, tying off the leather cord with a focussed expression on his face.-
Jeyarp: Should be good now, aye.
-Jeyarp hands the bracers to you.-
Jeyarp: Be gentle with them, and they'll hold up for a while yet.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: gives Mulgik the repaired bracers.
Mulgik: Enkidukai…
-Mulgik eyes open wide.-
Mulgik: You have faithfully served me.
Mulgik: This task has served you well.
-Mulgik puts the bracers on and breathes a sigh of relief. Kras skin seems to shine like polished stone, and kras eyes brighten.-
Mulgik: Xiosia smiles on you, Madam.
-Mulgik hands you some coin and a ring in return.-
Mulgik: A reward for those who are loyal to the Brown Way.
Rewards: [Way 1] 10 Faction with Crafting Association, -10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, -10 Faction with Kran, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP, [Way 2] 1 Brown Way Ring, 20 Faction with Crafting Association, 10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.