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Right on the mine
Required: 5 Iron Ores, 5 Clacker meats.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: I see many Stonebreakers in Hydlaa, why are they so busy?
Amidison: Stonebreakers are always busy.
-Amidison stares at you with a faint smile.-
Amidison: But, yes, lately I heard some rumors I'd like to check.
Amidison: Do you want to help me?
YOU: Yes, why not, there could be something worth to learn.
-Amidison hair waves in the air while she nods.-
Amidison: Go to Hamel Warson, here in Hydlaa plaza.
Amidison: Ask him if he has any jobs for you.
Amidison: Do what he asks, and see if you can find anything.
→ Go to Hamel Warson
YOU: I'd like to work for you.
Hamel: So you've been listening to gossip?
Hamel: And you're assuming I'm searching for workers.
-Hamel raises a hand to stop any answer.-
Hamel: You want to be busy?
Hamel: I have no problem with that.
Hamel: I need provisions and minerals, you can get them for me.
YOU: Let's start with the mineral, how much and where can I find it?
-Hamel nods.-
Hamel: I need five units of Iron Ore.
Hamel: You can buy it from any miner, here in Hydlaa.
Hamel: Otherwise you should ask various merchants.
YOU: Which kind of provision, and how much?
-Hamel nods and raises his thumb.-
Hamel: Some food.
Hamel: Ask Rolara Hammersong, I have a sort of arrangement with her.
-Hamel raises his forefinger.-
Hamel: And some beer.
Hamel: For that ask Narwin Molstagh, alas it seems he doesn't like our arrangement anymore, maybe you'll need to be creative.
Hamel: And…
-Hamel looks into your eyes.-
Hamel: Don't ask anyone else.
Hamel: Only Rolara and Narwin.
Hamel: Return when you've both beer and food provisions.
→ Go to Narwin Molstagh
YOU: I have the five units of Iron for you.
Narwin: Oh, I'm so glad to see an honest Enkidukai.
-Narwin picks a big sack from within a group of bags on the floor, he gives it to you.-
Narwin: A honest payment for an awesome job well done.
→ Go to Rolara Hammersong
YOU: Hamel told me…
-Rolara stops working and snorts.-
Rolara: Hamel…
Rolara: Hamel…
Rolara: Hamel.
Rolara: How am I supposed to work so fast?
Rolara: I gave the last shipment to one of Hamel's delivery boys.
Rolara: I finished the raw materials, and I am late for the other contracts.
YOU: There has to be something I can do for you.
-Rolara bits her lips, looking at you.-
Rolara: Yes.
Rolara: Sure.
Rolara: Let's try your way, go and find me five pieces of Clacker meat.
Rolara: I will prepare them for you.
Rolara: They will make nice provisions.
YOU: Here is the Clacker meat you asked for.
Rolara: I don't like to work for Hamel.
-Rolara washes her hands in a bowl, then she takes the meat from you. She starts cutting and slicing it.-
Rolara: I'm doing it only because it seems the only thing to do to support us.
Rolara: No.
Rolara: Don't ask.
Rolara: Time is running.
-Rolara finishes packing the meat and hands you the provisions.-
Rolara: Here you go.
→ Go to Narwin Molstagh
YOU: Hamel sent me for the beer.
Narwin: I was expecting someone like you.
-Narwin sits on a little barrel.-
Narwin: But I will repeat what I told the last one.
Narwin: I quit.
Narwin: I don't work for Hamel anymore.
YOU: May I ask why you want to quit?
Narwin: Why?
Narwin: Why are you asking me?
-Narwin raises a fist, his face twisted in rage.-
Narwin: Even though I don't mind how bad things are, there are some things we should never do.
Narwin: And if he dares to ask Nal…
-Narwin snorts and grins.-
Narwin: No.
Narwin: I will only quit, I will not betray anyone.
Narwin: This is none of your business.
Narwin: Leave me.
→ Go to Nalri Grimtorr
YOU: I need to persuade Narwin to give me some beer for Hamel, can you help me?
Nalri: So Narwin is still making trouble.
-Nalri puts her hand on her hip.-
Nalri: I will solve this.
Nalri: Tell him I don't want to quarrel again.
Nalri: He will do his work.
Nalri: As always.
→ Go to Narwin Molstagh
YOU: Nalri told me that you must do your job.
Narwin: Again.
Narwin: Nalri!
-Narwin sighs sadly.-
Narwin: I hate this attitude.
Narwin: Do you know why…
-Narwin stops talking and looks down.-
Narwin: Sorry, I can't break my word.
Narwin: But I want to let you know that I'm doing this only because otherwise Hamel will use Nalri in his schemes.
Narwin: People like Cilay Mecur would never accept behavior like this.
-Narwin grinds his teeth.-
Narwin: If Hamel asks you to go to Gugrontid don't follow his orders.
Narwin: Go there and talk with Gardr Keck instead.
Narwin: You will understand.
-Narwin stands up and gives you the barrel, his demeanor changing to a smirk.-
Narwin: Here, take this barrel.
Narwin: I call it…
-He moves his hand through the air mimicing a marquee.-
Narwin: Narwing Beer.
Narwin: Catchy, don't 'cha think?
YOU: Who is Cilay Mecur?
Narwin: One who would never accept…
-Narwin chest enlarges while he inhales. Then he takes a long sigh.-
Narwin: A Keeper of the Hammer.
Narwin: I haven't seen him in a long time.
→ Go to Hamel Warson
YOU: The beer and the provisions you asked.
Hamel: That's very, very, nice of you.
-Hamel nods, licking his lips.-
Hamel: Please accept this as a reward for your job.
YOU: Do you need anything else?
Hamel: Uhm.
-Hamel stares at you, his pupils growing wide.-
Hamel: I think that I can use someone like you.
Hamel: Honest and efficient.
Hamel: But this last work needs also discretion.
-Hamel raises a hand.-
Hamel: And if you accept you can't quit anymore from the job, I need you to finish this.
Hamel: Can you handle this?
YOU: What to you mean by discretion?
Hamel: I need you to get something for me.
Hamel: But if other people find out about this…
-Hamel sighs and closes his eyes for a moment.-
Hamel: Some people want to steal ancient artifacts.
Hamel: Hammer artifacts.
Hamel: I found them, but they are too spread in a large territory.
Hamel: If anything slips your tongue my enemies will undestand everything.
Hamel: They know you work for me, and if you start asking they will put the pieces together.
Hamel: I can't risk that.
YOU: Very well, tell me what you need.
Hamel: I will be brief.
-Hamel licks his lips.-
Hamel: Go to Gugrontid.
Hamel: Find a Nolthrir named Lyrus Lospur.
Hamel: She is expecting you.
Hamel: Take the package and return it to me.
Hamel: You can look in the package if you wish.
→ Go to Lyrus Lospur
YOU: Hamel sent me here.
Lyrus: I was expecting you.
-Lyrus takes out a list from her vest, checks it then looks at you. She takes a package from under a sheet.-
Lyrus: This is for you.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Can you tell me something about Hamel Warson and his business here?
Gardr: Really?
-Gardr gives you a long stare.-
Gardr: You worked for him without knowing what he is up to?
-Gardr makes a sound that seems like squeaking rocks.-
Gardr: I will answer you: Hamel is waging war on Gugrontid.
YOU: Waging war?
Gardr: Hamel spread word that he is gathering iron and provisions to send miners here.
Gardr: But you know what?
Gardr: He has no right to these mines.
Gardr: The city of Gugrontid will never allow him here.
YOU: I'm sure Hamel will find an agreement with you.
Gardr: Gugrontid will never give away the mines, they're the main source of income of the city.
-Gardr shakes kras head.-
Gardr: Hamel knows that.
Gardr: So he's gathering provisions and iron.
Gardr: Iron to create weapons, and, you know, a large amount of provisions is usually an omen of a big army.
YOU: There's surely something we can do.
Gardr: I heard a name, Narwin Molstagh.
Gardr: Seems he tried to stop Hamel, but Hamel has the community of dwarves behind him.
-Gardr closes kras eyes for a short moment.-
Gardr: No.
Gardr: The minority will never betray their brothers and sisters.
YOU: What can I do to stop this?
Gardr: Hamel is bringing artifacts back to the dwarf community.
Gardr: Dwarves are pretty tied to the belongings of their ancestors.
Gardr: Alas these artifacts are on Kra's land.
Gardr: We will never find an agreement.
-Gardr eyes become darker.-
Gardr: But there's always bad guys in both factions.
Gardr: Some Kran asked for too big a price, blackmailing the dwarves, and some dwarves started to steal the artifacts.
-Gardr sighs.-
Gardr: I don't know who started it.
Gardr: I only know that the war is nearer every day.
Gardr: Only one request.
Gardr: Hamel will ask you to get a package for him.
Gardr: Don't bring it to him, bring it to me.
YOU: This package is for you.
Gardr: You made the right choice, Enkidukai.
-Gardr takes a big sack from kras desk.-
Gardr: I want to show you the gratitude of Gugrontid.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: Seems Hamel is taking artifacts and wants to wage war against Gugrontid.
Amidison: Alas, you confirm the rumors I've heard lately.
Amidison: We didn't expect that.
-Amidison sighs.-
Amidison: I will inform the Octarch.
Amidison: I hope he can do something about this.
Amidison: Perhaps come to some agreement between the dwarfs and the Kran.
Amidison: Thank you for your help.
Rewards: Nothing.