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Ring of Familiar
Required: 10 Diamond Crystal, 1 Golden Ring.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Hello, is there anything I can do for you today?
Levrus: I have a special task for you, if you're interested.
Levrus: A few years ago, I modified an old Diaboli spell to summon animals.
Levrus: I used that to bring forth the big snake you see in this shop.
Levrus: Don't worry, he is currently frozen in time, so he won't wake up.
Levrus: I can empower a precious object with this spell, if you like.
Levrus: Are you interested?
YOU: Are you kidding, of course I am interested.
Levrus: Right, it's a very interesting field of research, but it costs a lot of money to perform.
Levrus: The spell requires a number of crystals as reagents, and a golden ring.
Levrus: If you bring me the ingredients, I will perform the spell and you will keep the ring.
Levrus: Is it a deal?
YOU: Yes, I'd be happy to get you what you need.
Levrus: Very good.
Levrus: The first thing I need is a golden ring.
Levrus: Bring one to me and I will start the spell.
YOU: give Levrus a golden ring.
Levrus: The ring is of fine quality; exactly what I needed.
Levrus: I will start the purifying process.
Levrus: In the meantime, you can gather the reagents.
Levrus: I need ten diamond crystals.
Levrus: They aren't easy to find these days, but you can probably ask Trasok about them and he will help you.
Levrus: Tell him I've sent you if he asks.
YOU: Here are your ten diamond crystals.
Levrus: Wow, you found them!
Levrus: I've finished the first part of the spell, and everything is ready for the next stage.
Levrus: Now let me add these crystals.
-Levrus starts casting a spell.-
Levrus: Yes!
Levrus: It worked.
Levrus: The ring is ready.
Levrus: It's yours.
Rewards: 1 Ring of Summon Familiar, 10 Faction with Crafting Association, 10 Faction with Crystal Order, 9400 XP.