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Road to Master Cook Chapter Four
Required: 1 Potion of Restoration.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Is there anything I can do for you?
Mirra: Of course YOU!
Mirra: What we need now is more world famous recipes.
Mirra: My father had a friend who's name was Tzeg.
Mirra: Tzeg was an alchemist, but he made one heck of a dish called Steamed Pepperberries.
Mirra: It was sweet and spicy all at once.
Mirra: Please get me the recipe.
Mirra: I believe he had a shop in Ojaveda…Dsar Akkaio if I recall correctly, so it should still be accessible.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: I am looking for a recipe for steamed pepperberries.
Vladovic: So…
Vladovic: you want the recipe for my mentor's famous Pepperberries?
Vladovic: Well.
Vladovic: I'm not going to give the last thing I have from him apart from this shop.
Vladovic: Unless…
Vladovic: unless you get me a Potion of Restoration.
Vladovic: Then it's yours.
Vladovic: But I worry not…
Vladovic: you will never get your hands on that anyway.
YOU: hands over the potion.
Vladovic: Well I'll be a sack of dead yauths…
Vladovic: you found it!
Vladovic: I've spent ages looking for this one potion!
Vladovic: Well, a promise is a promise.
Vladovic: Here you go…
Vladovic: the recipe for Steamed Pepperberries.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: I got the recipe.
Mirra: That took you longer than expected, YOU.
Mirra: But not to worry!
Mirra: I'm sooo happy that you got it!
Mirra: I can't believe the new recipes I am coming up with, and they are all so tasty.
Mirra: I am so excited.
Mirra: Here, your well earned reward.
Mirra: And take this one, too.
Mirra: I used to use it to make fire, but bought something more effective recently!
Rewards: 1 Fire glyph, 30 Faction with Food Association, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.