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Road to Master Cook Chapter Three
Required: 12 Lake Mushrooms.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Hi Mirra, you need help with anything?
Mirra: Are you ready to go find the next world famous recipe?
YOU: Sounds like fun, where are you sending me now?
Mirra: Prepare yourself for a long walk then!
Mirra: The guards from the Sunshine Squadron seem to be well-fed and very fit!
Mirra: That's because they get fed only the best…
Mirra: Lake Mushroom Stew!
Mirra: It might not be the best-tasting recipe ever, but it sure is nutritious!
Mirra: I bet it would sell well!
Mirra: Please bring me the Lake Mushroom Stew recipe.
Mirra: There is just one problem: I have no clue who has it.
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: I am in search of the Lake Mushroom Stew recipe.
Beniua: You are referring to the Lake Mushroom Stew, yes?
-Beniua smiles.-
Beniua: Of course you are, it's what keeps our Squadron in good shape.
Beniua: It keeps their energy up in battle, keeps their minds focused on their task, and is very healthy.
Beniua: It is low in fat and well currently…
Beniua: low on mushrooms as well.
Beniua: I take it you want to know how it's prepared?
YOU: That would be great, thanks.
Beniua: Not a problem…
Beniua: I'll give you the recipe.
Beniua: However, you have to do a few things for me.
Beniua: First you must get me…
Beniua: let's say…
Beniua: one dozen Lake Mushrooms.
YOU: give Beniua the mushrooms.
Beniua: Great job.
Beniua: One more task and you will have the recipe.
Beniua: I just received this crate.
Beniua: It contains some potions that are very valuable here at the fortress, but they can potentially be dangerous.
Beniua: It has a three digit combination lock on it.
Beniua: The merchant from Hydlaa was supposed to send the combination on a piece of paper ahead of time so that when the crate came I could open it.
Beniua: However, it looks as if he wrote it in code in fear of bandits and rogues looting it on the way here.
Beniua: Will you help me decipher it?
YOU: Yes.
Beniua: The code reads: 'One: Arena entrance steps.
Beniua: Two: Men holding the roof.
Beniua: Three.'
-Beniua stares at the piece of paper looking rather confused. She turns the paper over and over repeatedly then stops and looks at you.-
Beniua: But wait, there is nothing after the number three, what do you think that means?
-Beniua thinks for a moment.-
Beniua: I get it!
Beniua: The three is the third number.
Beniua: There was no need for a clue because it is the number.
Beniua: Anyone who stole the paper might think like I did, that there was something missing.
Beniua: Great, so the last number is three.
Beniua: It's hopeless!
Beniua: I don't know how many steps are on the way into the arena, and what do they mean by men holding the roof?
Beniua: What will I do?
-Beniua pauses for a moment, looks at the slip of paper and then back at you.-
Beniua: Ehh, you'll figure it out, please come back when you have the code figured out.
Beniua: If memory serves me correctly, the Arena is somewhere near Harnquist; it is a magnificent building.
Beniua: Return to me when you know the code.
YOU: I figured out the code.
Beniua: Give me the numbers.
Beniua: Remember, the steps come first, then the number of men.
Beniua: Add the number three at the end.
Beniua: 983
Beniua: Let me try.
-She enters the code and click can be heard as it opens.-
Beniua: Ah great!
Beniua: It seems you solved it.
Beniua: Well, here you go, one recipe for my stew as promised.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: [YOU hands over the recipe.]
Mirra: Hooray!
Mirra: That seems like the one we were looking for!
Mirra: Here is your reward.
-Mirra hands you a small coin purse with a few coins in it.-
Mirra: Also, here is a little something extra for the hard work you did, I wanted to order some fancy knives, to go with my fancy silver plates and I thought it was my lucky day.
Mirra: A travelling merchant, who happened to be wandering through Hydlaa at the exact same time, told me that he had exactly what I needed and so I bought a whole bunch of them.
Mirra: He told me they would cut through anything I cooked no matter how tough the meat.
Mirra: I was so excited I paid the man right away.
Mirra: He told me that he would have them delivered from his caravan that afternoon.
Mirra: Well, when the box showed up, this is what I ended up with.
Mirra: I think it will do you more good than it will me.
Mirra: I can't imagine someone buttering their bread or cutting their steak with a sabre.
Rewards: 1 Golden Sabre, 40 Faction with Food Association, 12958 Tria, 17800 XP.