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Road to Master Cook Chapter Two
Required: 4 Iron Ores.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: Hi Mirra, any new recipes?
Mirra: You're back!
Mirra: That Sarraghi Steak was so tasty, I tried the recipe with other meats but nothing was as tasty as the marrow from the tefusang claws.
Mirra: I never would have guessed that was the secret ingredient!
Mirra: However it took forever to extract the marrow, because I don't have a proper butcher knife.
Mirra: The presentation wasn't there either, since I only had my usual wooden bowls.
Mirra: It would look so great on a silver plate!
Mirra: Do you think you could run some more errands for me?
YOU: For you, any time. What do you need?
Mirra: The taste of the food is most important, but the eye needs to be pleased as well!
Mirra: Harnquist has a Butcher Knife for me, and Jirosh in Ojaveda has some silver plates.
Mirra: Here, take these orders.
Mirra: They will be expecting these.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: gives Harnquist the order.
Harnquist: Ah, I see..
Harnquist: a butcher knife?
Harnquist: That should be easy enough.
Harnquist: Now, I could get you a discount if you do a little something for me.
Harnquist: Are you interested?
YOU: Sure, what must I do?
Harnquist: Restock me with some iron ore.
Harnquist: Four pieces should do.
YOU: Here's your iron ore.
Harnquist: Great!
Harnquist: You did a good job.
Harnquist: These are some fine ores.
Harnquist: Here is your butcher knife.
Harnquist: It is yours as thanks for helping me out.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: gives Jirosh the order.
-Jirosh takes the order and reads it.-
Jirosh: Five silver plates…
Jirosh: Got about six dozen of them stored in the warehouse but I don't have any buyers at all.
Jirosh: I thought they would sell, but no one seems interested.
Jirosh: Let's say one hundred tria per plate and I'm a happy Enkidukai.
YOU: Here's your money.
Jirosh: Thank you, and here are your Silver Plates, Sir.
→ Go to Mirra Houphen
YOU: gives Mirra the knife and silver plates.
Mirra: These are just what I needed, the proper tools for a master cook!
Mirra: Thanks again, YOU.
Mirra: Now let's see, the knife should have been around eighty tria, and the plates usually run for about two hundred tria a piece, so six circles should cover the expenses plus a little extra for you.
-Mirra hands you a few coins.-
Mirra: Come back soon, YOU.
Rewards: 35 Faction with Food Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.