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Roobelh is Bored
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Roobelh
YOU: Hail soldier, can I assist you in tasks?
Roobelh: Yeah, okay.
Roobelh: I'm kinda bored.
Roobelh: Staring out over this expanse and nothing ever happens, you know?
Roobelh: But I can't move from my spot, so how about you do me a favour, huh?
YOU: Alright, I'll help you.
Roobelh: Good good.
Roobelh: I asked Yonda Axebow to make me a special wooden toy.
Roobelh: So you gotta let Yonda know that Roobelh sent you.
Roobelh: If anything, it'll keep me entertained.
Roobelh: Thanks for doing this.
Roobelh: You're a pal.
→ Go to Yonda Axebow
YOU: Roobelh sent me because he wants a puzzle toy.
Yonda: Ah, he wants the special puzzle toy!
Yonda: Here, take it.
Yonda: Get it to him as fast as you can.
Yonda: Custom toys are paid for in advance, so don't worry about that.
→ Go to Roobelh
YOU: give Roobelh the toy.
Roobelh: Thank you.
-Roobelh examines the toy closely, his lips soundlessly moving as he slowly spins it to examine the markings.-
Roobelh: Ah, I see.
Roobelh: Very interesting.
Roobelh: Yonda does very good work.
Roobelh: Yes…very helpful indeed.
Roobelh: Oh, are you still here?
Roobelh: Thanks.
Roobelh: Have this.
Rewards: 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.