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Salve For Sore Hands
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Sinto Gheshd
YOU: Hi, what seems to be the matter?
-Sinto bows slighty before you.-
Sinto: Greetings, Sir.
-Sinto rubs his hands gently. his face twiches now and then as he continues to rub his hand.-
Sinto: As you can see, my hands are bruised after some intensze martial arts training.
Sinto: These are the most important tools I own, and I must take good care of them.
Sinto: Would you be so kind as to obtain a vial of salve for my hands?
Sinto: I will be more then willing to compensate you for your trouble.
YOU: I will help you.
-Sinto gives a quick smile before twitching again.-
Sinto: You have no idea how much this means to me.
Sinto: I heard there is an herbalist whose shop is on the Roof of Kada-El's.
Sinto: Just ask for healing slave.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: I need some healing salve, please.
Aleena: Greetings, Sir.
Aleena: I do indeed have some freshly made healing salve.
Aleena: It will cost you one hundred tria.
YOU: pays the tria.
-Aleena searches through her bag full of vials.-
Aleena: Here we go, a vial of healing salve.
→ Go to Sinto Gheshd
YOU: hands Sinto the vial.
-Sinto eagerly rubs the salve on his hands.-
Sinto: This is wonderful.
Sinto: Thank you so much for getting it for me.
Sinto: As promised, here are a few coins for the trouble.
-Sinto hands you a few coins.-
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.