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Saria's Rush Job
Required: 2 Diamond Crystal, 4 Ruby Crystal, 3 Emerald Crystal, 4 Silver Ingots.
→ Go to Saria Dunwallow
YOU: Hail! Why do you look so distraught?
Saria: The best work takes so much time.
Saria: A daughter of the Vigesimi came in looking to get her hair styled with less then I would like to do the job.
Saria: She's looking to have something special done.
Saria: She wants gems and silver in her hair.
Saria: Now I have a jeweler on staff, but neither of us have the time to get the materials that are needed.
Saria: Could you gather them for us?
YOU: It will take me sometime but I will get them for you.
Saria: Excellent!
Saria: We will need two diamond crystals, four ruby crystals, three emerald crystals, and four silver ingots.
YOU: gives Saria the crystals and ingots.
Saria: Back so quickly.
Saria: Let's have look at what you brought.
Saria: Diamonds, yes, they will add a white glitter to her hair.
Saria: Some of these can seem to glow with a fire from within.
Saria: If there was more time I could have something enchanted into these.
Saria: But we'll make do with what we have!
Saria: Ah, emeralds will go so well with her eyes, yes.
Saria: Gold may look richer, but when the light catches silver it dazzles.
Saria: That's what she wants, dazzle; and dazzle she shall.
Saria: But…
-Saria looks at the diamond crystals and frowns.-
Saria: As wonderful as these are, they are too big.
Saria: My jeweler won't be able to adjust them and the others in time.
Saria: Could you take them to Ondren Torr for me?
Saria: He should be able to find someone to cut them.
YOU: Sure, just give me them crystals.
Saria: Excellent.
Saria: Thanks so much for helping us.
Saria: Here are the crystals and a work order for Ondren to pass along to the cutter.
→ Go to Ondren Torr
YOU: Saria sent me with this order.
Ondren: Hmm…
Ondren: a work order?
-Ondren reads the order and frowns.-
Ondren: Saria got herself in a jam again I see.
Ondren: I should be able to find someone to cut the stones.
Ondren: Please give me the crystals.
YOU: Here they are.
Ondren: I know who I'll give these to for cutting.
-Ondren studies the crystals and nods. He takes out a slip of paper and writes a few things on it.-
Ondren: Good stones.
Ondren: Give this to Saria, I will pay for the cutter's fee and she can reimburse me later.
→ Go to Saria Dunwallow
YOU: Orden said you can pay him later. [ YOU hands over the receipt.]
Saria: Excellent, with his gemcutter we will be able to make this work.
Saria: Thank you so much for your help today.
Saria: She'll look stunning when we are finished with her.
Saria: Let me give you these for your time.
-Saria gives you several coins.-
Rewards: 10 Faction with Artists Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.