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Save Edrich Sultov's Reputation
Required: 5 Sabres.
→ Go to Edrich Sultov
YOU: Hello, I'm looking for some work?
Edrich: My oh my, it is as though Laanx actually heard my prayers.
Edrich: Yes StoneBreaker, I definitely have a quest for you.
Edrich: My last transport got mugged… and I never get mugged!
Edrich: Now I'm bound to have displeased customers and that's bad for business.
Edrich: Will you help me to retrieve the goods?
YOU: Yes.
Edrich: Thank you, Sir.
Edrich: The muggers stole five sabres I was sending to the Hydlaa Guard.
Edrich: I will give you something worth your trouble if you can replace all five in a hurry.
→ Give Edrich Sultov 5 sabres
Edrich: Great!
Edrich: Now I don't need to worry about angry customers anymore!
Edrich: Here.
Edrich: Take this glyph.
Edrich: There doesn't seem to be much call for this type of glyph, but don't think I'm just pushing it on you; think of it as helping the both of us.
Edrich: And of course, some tria for you.
Edrich: I wonder whatever happened to the muggers?
Edrich: Oh, well…
Edrich: I'm sure they'll get what's coming to them.
Rewards: Nothing.