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Schaeminare Soap for Fruntar
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Fruntar Durek
YOU: Hello, do you have any loose jobs I can do for you?
Fruntar: Well tabei, a brawl always seems to happen here.
Fruntar: As you can imagine, when the drinks go flying I get splashed by them.
Fruntar: They get in my fur and that is not good!
Fruntar: I have found a fine soap, it is called schaeminare, for cleaning my fur.
Fruntar: But I am nearly out of it and haven't had a chance to get more.
Fruntar: Maybe you'd be willing to pick some up for me?
YOU: Certainly, where do I get this soap.
Fruntar: Oh, you are so kind!
Fruntar: When the carter comes in from Hydlaa with some of the drinks, he brings it with him.
Fruntar: I believe he gets it from a hairdresser lady there…
Fruntar: good luck, Madam, and thank you!
→ Go to Kaiman Jilatt
YOU: I am looking for Schaeminare soap.
Kaiman: Schaeminare soap?
Kaiman: Got a bottle of it here.
Kaiman: It will be one hundred tria.
Kaiman: Not all that much demand for it up here , but there are enough people wanting it that I can keep some in stock and bring in a reasonable profit.
YOU: counts off the tria and hands it over.
Kaiman: There we are, enjoy.
-Kaiman gives you a blue-green glass bottle of soap.-
YOU: gives Fruntar the soap.
Kaiman: Ah, tabei, the schaeminare!
-Fruntar smiles broadly and looks at the bottle.-
Kaiman: Such a fine soap…
Kaiman: thank you for helping me.
Kaiman: Please accept these coins in return.
-Fruntar gives you fifty-four hexa and thirty-two octa.-
Kaiman: I know it is not much but I cannot spare very many these days.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.