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Sculpting Supplies for Gulm
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: I'm looking for some work?
Gulm: Oh…you have come at just the right time!
-Gulm retrieves a piece of parchment and looks it over before nodding.-
Gulm: I just got word that a shipment of my supplies has arrived.
Gulm: Would you pick them up for me?
YOU: Yes, where do I need to go?
Gulm: Thank you.
Gulm: Go to Malco Mokkar and tell him that I sent you.
Gulm: Kra should give you my crate, which might be on the heavy side, depending on what has arrived this time.
-Gulm waves.-
Gulm: Do hurry back, I have many projects to get started on!
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Gulm sent me to pick up kras supplies.
Malco: Malco have big box.
Malco: Malco not give.
Malco: Malco need order.
Malco: Bring Malco order.
Malco: Get box.
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: I need the order parchment.
Gulm: What?
-Gulm looks confused for a moment.-
Gulm: Oh…
Gulm: I forgot to give you the parchment notice!
-Gulm smiles abashedly and hands you the piece of parchment kra was looking at earlier.-
Gulm: I am sorry, here it is.
→ Go to Malco Mokkar
YOU: Here is the order parchment.
Malco: Malco see orders.
-Malco runs kras finger down the parchment.-
Malco: Ahhhh.
Malco: Big box for Gulm.
Malco: Malco have big box for Gulm.
Malco: Take box.
Malco: Malco must guard town.
-Malco pushes the box towards you and then turns back to staring at something across the way.-
→ Go to Gulm Ossoe
YOU: Here are your supplies.
Gulm: Thank you!
Gulm: Much good!
Gulm: Stop by again, I have many deliveries coming in and can often use the help.
-Gulm smiles and gives you some coins.-
Gulm: Here, take these for your time.
Rewards: 35 Faction with Artists Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.