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Search for Knowledge
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: I'm looking for a way to earn some tria?
Kerryk: Ah, a young Enkidukai in search of adventure or maybe some tria?
Kerryk: Perhaps both.
Kerryk: Or maybe you're more than just a hardhead like most people.
Kerryk: Perhaps you are actually in search of the one true power, knowledge.
-Kerryk looks you over as if examining you.-
Kerryk: Well, speak up, are you?
YOU: Yes, I'm always looking to learn new things.
Kerryk: Ah, excellent!
Kerryk: Knowledge is the greatest power of all, you know.
Kerryk: I have hunted far and wide and found nothing half as powerful.
Kerryk: The thing is, very few know how to wield it.
-Kerryk smiles lightly.-
Kerryk: It's to one of those few that I'm sending you.
Kerryk: Levrus borrowed a few records to help him with his work and I need them back.
Kerryk: Go and tell him that I sent you.
Kerryk: He shall treat you nicely.
Kerryk: If you have never been, he lives just outside Hydlaa in his magic shop.
Kerryk: It is a beautiful place, near enough to Hydlaa for convenience, yet secluded enough for peace and quiet.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Kerryk Cor sent me.
Levrus: Kerryk Cor?
Levrus: Ah, now that's a great Kran.
Levrus: Yes, yes, Kerryk and I met quite some time ago.
Levrus: I had been doing some field research with a couple of apprentices.
Levrus: We were observing the effects of a spell on certain creatures.
Levrus: It was about halfway through the experiment when a large tefusang came upon us from nowhere.
-Levrus pauses, remembering.-
Levrus: We were exhausted after all of our spell casting and did not stand a chance against a tefusang.
Levrus: Thank Talad, out of nowhere came Kerryk in all kras bright blue brilliance.
Levrus: I'll never forget that day.
Levrus: I am somewhat surprised that you know Kerryk, actually.
-Levrus scratches his chin in thought.-
Levrus: Hmm, I imagine kra sent you to get these records.
-Levrus reaches below the counter and frowns.-
Levrus: Ermh, it seems I have lost one of them.
-Levrus laughs.-
Levrus: I must have returned it to Jayose by accident!
-Levrus holds out a book to you.-
Levrus: Here, go to his library in East Hydlaa and give Jayose this book, then come back to me with the record.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Levrus asked me to give this to you.
Jayose: Ah, excellent, you have found it.
Jayose: Poor Levrus is always so busy, seems he returned the wrong book.
Jayose: Can't really blame him; so much going on in his mind.
Jayose: Either way, here you go.
Jayose: You should bring it straight to Levrus; I'm sure he'll want to know that you found it.
→ Go to Levrus Dahrenn
YOU: Jayose sent me back with this.
Levrus: Ah, excellent.
Levrus: Here are the others.
Levrus: Thank you for that errand.
Levrus: Please return these to Kerryk and wish kra the best.
-Levrus gives you a box full of writings. He frowns for a moment and plucks a lump of silver ore from the box.-
Levrus: Ah, that I will need for my research!
Levrus: Hmm, perhaps I will visit my old friend soon.
-Levrus turns away distractedly and goes to examine some books on a shelf, humming a strange tune to himself.-
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: Here are your records.
Kerryk: Ah, wonderful, these are the ones.
Kerryk: That's very kind of you.
Kerryk: A simple archivist can't leave the archives very often; very much to do, you see.
Kerryk: I don't know what I would have done without you, so thank you.
Kerryk: You have done me a great service.
-Kerryk gives you a light wink.-
Kerryk: You were in search of knowledge, were you not?
-Kerryk looks at the records and chuckles.-
Kerryk: Well, in a way you found it.
Kerryk: Hmm, come back to me in a bit, for I'll have something more interesting for you to do once I put these records where they belong.
-Kerryk gives you a few coins.-
Kerryk: For now, take this as a reward, and farewell.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Science Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.