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Sending a Letter Home
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Pinayet Ullavin
YOU: Do you happen to have any more work for me?
Pinayet: Gracious, yes!
Pinayet: I could use some help again, if you could use a few tria.
Pinayet: Would you be willing to find something out for me?
YOU: It would be my pleasure.
Pinayet: I'm glad to hear that.
Pinayet: You see, my family lives on the Far Ground, and I send them letters pretty regular-like.
Pinayet: That is, I did until the messenger I used got married and moved off.
Pinayet: Now, I don't know who to use.
Pinayet: Could you maybe ask Jirosh Mikana which messenger he uses?
Pinayet: He's a big merchant and sends things all over Yliakum, so he must know of someone.
Pinayet: Here, take my letter for my family and give it to the messenger when you find him.
Pinayet: When the messenger has the letter, just come back and tell me that you are all done, and I'll get you your payment.
-Pinayet hands you a tidily folded letter.-
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Do you know of any trustworthy messengers I could use?
Jirosh: Oh, I use Tarela Girshon for sending such things as promises of payment and contracts.
Jirosh: She's quick and reliable.
Jirosh: I believe she's in Hydlaa right now, if you need her services.
Jirosh: Just ask her to deliver your letter and she'll be off before you know it.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: I'd like you to deliver a letter for me.
Tarela: I'd be happy to do that, Maddam.
Tarela: I need to know the recipient's name and which level they are on so I can charge you properly.
Tarela: What is the recipient's last name?
YOU: The family name is Ullavin.
-Tarela appears to think for a moment.-
Tarela: Yes…that name sounds familiar.
Tarela: What level?
YOU: They are on the third level.
Tarela: My fee will be seventy five tria.
-Tarela holds out a paw.-
YOU: Here is your fee.
Tarela: Thank you.
Tarela: I'll take that letter now.
-Tarela looks at you expectantly.-
YOU: Here you go. Safe journey.
Tarela: I should have this delivered shortly.
Tarela: I appreciate the business.
→ Go to Pinayet Ullavin
YOU: Your letter is on its way.
-Pinayet smiles broadly.-
Pinayet: Well, that's a relief.
Pinayet: What was the name of the messenger, so I can use him again?
YOU: SHE is called Tarela Girshon.
Pinayet: Oh, thank you!
Pinayet: You said Tarela?
Pinayet: Yes, I know her.
Pinayet: I guess I should not have said to give -him- the letter.
-Pinayet laughs.-
Pinayet: You have been a big help.
Pinayet: Please, take your reward and many thanks!
-Pinayet hands you a few coins.-
Rewards: 30 Faction with Guard, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.