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Sharpen a Saw
Required: Winch Access.
→ Go to Lentanor Thunderhead
YOU: Hi, do you need help with anything?
Lentanor: Hmm?
Lentanor: No, I don't need any help, but thanks all the same.
-Lentanor tries to saw a block of wood, but seems to be having trouble.-
Lentanor: Eh, now that you mention it, this saw is a bit dull.
Lentanor: Can you get it sharpened for me?
YOU: Ok, how do I go about it?
Lentanor: Thanks.
Lentanor: Here's the saw; tell Harnquist that I sent you.
Lentanor: I have an arrangement with him for regular tool sharpenings and pay him monthly, so don't worry about having Tria on hand.
Lentanor: He's nice and close, plus I don't trust that Trasok Starhammer one bit!
Lentanor: I'll be expecting you back soon.
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Lentanor sent me
Harnquist: That man really needs to take better care of his tools.
Harnquist: If it's not one thing, it's another.
Harnquist: What is it this time?
Harnquist: Saw?
Harnquist: Chisel?
YOU: Saw
Harnquist: Ah, I was right the first time.
Harnquist: Let's have it then.
Harnquist: I'll put it on his tab.
-Harnquist whistles a merry tune as he runs the saw on the sharpening stone. Sparks begin lightly showering the floor around it.-
Harnquist: That should do it a treat.
Harnquist: Oh, while you're at it, give him this invoice as well.
Harnquist: He can pay it at his leisure.
Harnquist: Talad knows he always does.
→ Go to Lentanor Thunderhead
Lentanor: Ah, yes.
-Lentanor touches a tooth on the saw, then quickly sucks his finger and nods approvingly.-
Lentanor: Always does a good job.
Lentanor: Now, I believe there's an invoice for me?
-Lentanor unseals the document.-
-Lentanor Thunderhead Thunderhead holds out a slightly bloody hand.-
Lentanor: Hrmph.
Lentanor: I'll get to that later.
-Lentanor slips the invoice inside his vest.-
Lentanor: Well, here you go, my good Hammerwielder.
Lentanor: Don't spend it all in one place.
Rewards: 12958 Tria, 17800 XP.