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Sharven Holy Script
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Do you have any task I can help with?
Sharven: It has come to my attention that Jayose has acquired a lost Holy Script of Laanx, found in a rather obscure area of Yliakum.
Sharven: He has offered to sell it to the temple, but I've not yet had the opportunity to obtain it.
Sharven: Would you be so kind as to pick it up for me?
Sharven: The item is already pre-paid.
YOU: Sure, no problem.
Sharven: Ah, splendid!
Sharven: Jayose's Library is nearby, so it shouldn't be too difficult, although Jayose himself has been known to be a bit…
-Sharven waggles a hand back and forth.-
Sharven: …if you get my meaning.
Sharven: Please return to me when you have the Holy Script.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I am here to collect the holy script Sharven has paid for.
Jayose: Hmm, it seems that there are other interested parties who will pay more for the Holy Script.
Jayose: If Sharven wants it so badly, tell him the price has doubled.
Jayose: I imagine a priest of Talad would love to have this.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: The price on the Holy Script has doubled.
Sharven: I was afraid of this.
Sharven: The temple coffers are not eternal, and Jayose's greed will cost much.
Sharven: Still, the Holy Script needs to be brought here for study.
Sharven: Will you return to Jayose with a notice of payment?
YOU: Yes I will.
Sharven: Very well.
Sharven: Take this promissory note to Jayose and return with the Script.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: gives Jayose the scroll.
Jayose: Ah, very good.
Jayose: Laanx's faithful always cough it up when their 'holy artifacts' are found.
Jayose: They're a wonderful source of income, if you can come by the goods.
Jayose: Here is the Script then.
Jayose: I imagine that Sharven wants it delivered posthaste, so you'd better be on your way.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Here's your script.
Sharven: Oh, you've done it!
Sharven: This holy relic from ages past will be on permanent display here in the temple for our clergy to admire.
Sharven: You've done a good job; I must reward you.
Sharven: We're a bit short on money just now, so I hope this item will be proper compensation.
Rewards: 1 High-Quality Amulet, 15 Faction with Iron Hand, 10800 XP.