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Shield parts for Hiacheius
Required: 6 shield bands.
YOU: Hi, you look thoughtful. May I help you in any way?
-Hiacheius gets out from his thoughts and looks at you.-
Willam: Y-y-yes, indeed good Enkidukai you m-m-might help me!
-Hiacheius scratches his head.-
Willam: D-d-do you remember about my f-f-friend who was looking for the rare Golden Shield Diagram?
-Hiacheius waits for a bit.-
Willam: Well, h-h-he is making some shields for the g-g-guards here, but h-h-he seems to be overhelmed from work so he isn't able to m-m-make all the parts he needs in time.
Willam: So he a-a-asked me if I c-c-could help him find someone t-t-to do for him some shield b-b-bands and I w-w-was thinking w-w-who could.
Willam: Sir, maybe, c-c-could you help me with t-t-this?
Willam: W-w-will you?
YOU: Sure I'm glad to help you again. How many do you need?
Willam: W-w-will you?
Willam: really?
-Hiacheius looks at you with a smile.-
Willam: I j-j-just n-n-need six shield b-b-bands.
Willam: T-t-that's what my friend asked me.
Willam: Alright, then I'll a-a-await your return with them.
→ Give Hiacheius Dilechi 6 Shield Bands
YOU: Here you are the six shield bands as requested.
Hiacheius: T-t-thanks good Enkidukai!
-Hiacheius pauses for a bit looking at the shield bands in his hands.-
Hiacheius: I don't know how to t-t-thank you for this.
-Hiacheius thinks for a bit.-
Hiacheius: T-t-that's it!
Hiacheius: I will g-g-give you something special, but only if you answer one of my riddles!
Hiacheius: It's something quite rare, which I've been keeping for a l-l-long time, and I'm sure you'll like it!
Hiacheius: What do you s-s-say?
Hiacheius: D-d-do you want to try it?
Hiacheius: I-i-if you don't, I'll just give you some tria in order to repay you for your efforts.
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: No thanks, I will just take the money.
Hiacheius: Alright, Sir I-i-it will be for another time.
Hiacheius: Thanks a-a-again for your help and here you are your reward.
Way 2:
YOU: Yes, I will give it a try.
Hiacheius: So h-h-here it is the riddle Enkidukai.
Hiacheius: It's little and resembles a bird, but it can't fly.
Hiacheius: You see a lot of them around us, but you don't know for certain where it comes from.
Hiacheius: What is it?
YOU: groffel
Hiacheius: Congratulation Sir.
Hiacheius: I w-w-wouldn't have expected you w-w-would've been able to g-g-guess that!
Hiacheius: Here you are what I've p-p-promised you.
Hiacheius: Make good use o-o-of it.
-Hiacheius Dilechi gives a last smile to YOU and goes back to his work.-
Rewards: 1297 Tria, 9400 XP, [Way 2] 1 Crown Shield Diagram.