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Sierann is waiting
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Sierann
YOU: Who are you waiting for?
Sierann: Oh, who am I waiting for?
Sierann: Worrem Dhoshi's servants.
Sierann: See, I get paid out of the treasury by Beniua Busuka, and she's so picky, she pays me in nothing but circles and octas.
Sierann: What merchant has change for such huge amounts?
Sierann: So I had him convert my wages to Trias.
Sierann: Nothing but mounds and mounds of easy-to-use Trias.
Sierann: But I really could use it soon.
Sierann: I don't suppose you could head down to Hydlaa and find Worrem?
Sierann: Tell him I am waiting?
Sierann: Please?
YOU: Sure, no problem.
Sierann: Thank you!
Sierann: I'm hoping for any progress at all, really.
→ Go to Worrem Dhoshi
YOU: Sierann is awaiting his money.
Worrem: I was afraid he would grow impatient.
Worrem: There is but one problem: not all of the Tria I received from the treasury are real.
Worrem: It will take me some time to track down the source of the fakes and retrieve the real Tria.
Worrem: I'll use my connections.
Worrem: If you'd like to help, asking treasurer Willam Chorind about fake tria would speed things up a great deal.
Worrem: If you can return with the real Tria, all the better.
→ Go to Willam Chorind
YOU: What do you know about the fake tria?
Willam: Will you keep your voice down!
Willam: Do you want all of Hydlaa to know?
Willam: Listen.
Willam: We get our Tria from only two sources: the mint on the Upper Field level, and our tax collector Darphen Wrestele.
Willam: The mint has airtight security, so that means someone's been paying taxes with fakes.
Willam: Ask Darphen about it; let's get to the bottom of this.
→ Go to Darphen Wrestle
YOU: What do you know about the fake tria?
Darphen: Fake tria.
Darphen: Wow.
Darphen: And you want to know if I've seen anything suspicious?
Darphen: Hmm.
Darphen: When I collected from Aldaaren Phostle, he passed a glyph over some triangular rocks and handed me the tria.
Darphen: He told me he was keeping them under an illusion spell so nobody would steal them.
Darphen: I'm not so sure anymore, now that you're telling me there's a counterfeit problem.
→ Go to Aldaaren Phostle
YOU: What do you know about the fake tria?
Aldaaren: Oh no!
Aldaaren: The jig is up!
Aldaaren: Here, just take the real Tria and…and…just please don't kill me!
Aldaaren: Wait for the monsters to exit the Bronze Doors and do that!
-Aldaaren laughs maniacally. Then stops suddenly, looks at you very gravely.-
Aldaaren: Haha!
Aldaaren: I am having some fun with you, do you care to hear the real story?
YOU: There's a story. Well let's hear it then.
Aldaaren: Ok, I needed a permit for my street preaching and Amidison did not want to give it to me.
Aldaaren: I begged her for a while and preached when the guards were out of earshot.
Aldaaren: Finally i asked if there were any favours I could do for her.
Aldaaren: She told me that she had been meaning to run a test of whether local government would be able to catch fake money if it were slipped to local officials.
Aldaaren: She needed someone not involved in government to initiate the shady transaction for it to be a true test.
Aldaaren: Here are the real tria.
Aldaaren: You may ask Amidison about fake tria if you wish to verify my story.
→ Go to Worrem Dhoshi
YOU: I got the real money back.
-Worrem cuts open the bag and examines it.-
Worrem: Yes, these are indeed real.
Worrem: Thank you.
-Worrem empties the Tria into a large lockbox and closes it. The box makes a clicking sound.-
Worrem: Would you be so kind as to take this lockbox to Sierann yourself?
Worrem: I warn you, it is heavy.
Worrem: I shall ask you but once.
Worrem: Yes or no?
YOU: Yes, I can take it over for you.
Worrem: Here, take it.
-Worrem lifts the lockbox with a grunt and heaves it at you.-
Worrem: Thanks so much.
→ Go to Sierann
YOU: Here is your money.
-Sierann produces a key and unlocks the box.-
Sierann: Thank Talad!
Sierann: Will you look at all those Tria?
Sierann: That's what I'm talking about!
Sierann: Here, have a whole bunch with my thanks!
Rewards: 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.