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Singing the Octarch’s Praises
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Hello, I thought I would stop by and see what is going on.
Tyrus: Rumour spreads that a certain citizen of Hydlaa wishes to offer an ode in honour of the Octarch of the Dome.
Tyrus: I am able, of course, but want more information.
Tyrus: Please go to Loren Chama and ask him about the poem, or perhaps just mentioning my name would be enough to get him thinking, then return to me.
Tyrus: Will you do so?
YOU: Sure, I can do that. Might learn something interesting.
Tyrus: Many thanks, good Madam.
Tyrus: I await your return.
-Tyrus starts humming quietly while gently plucking at kra's harp.-
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: Tyrus Beaut sent me to learn of the poem you wish to present to the Octarch.
Loren: That name is indeed familiar, and I would not object to commissioning some work from this Kran.
Loren: While I do adore the statue you procured for me for the Octarch's birthday, I feel I need to do a bit more to make the gift stand out.
Loren: I'm sure you understand.
Loren: Well, I recently heard that not only has this Tyrus Beaut character recently acquired a new harp to accompany kra's little ditties, but that word of this Kran's masterful verse has already reached the Octarch's ears.
Loren: I wonder…
Loren: what if it were I who got this Beaut fellow to write a tribute honouring the Octarch?
-Loren's eyes glaze over as he continues.-
Loren: I could read it while giving the Octarch his statue!
Loren: It would be rather stirring, and I'm sure that it would cause my name to be remembered.
-Loren pauses slightly as his eyes focus back on you.-
Loren: Please, go inform Tyrus Beaut that I wish to commission a tribute to the Octarch.
Loren: I'll make sure you're compensated, as usual.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Loren wishes to commission you to do the tribute poem.
Tyrus: I would be very pleased to do so.
Tyrus: To be fair, my fee is usually five octa for such works.
Tyrus: Tell Loren this, and see if he will agree.
Tyrus: While almost nothing would please me more than having one of my works performed in front of the Octarch, I must eat.
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: Tyrus requires five octa for the commission of the poem.
Loren: Oh, dear.
-Loren shakes his head.-
Loren: That's quite high.
Loren: Five octa is a bit much for me to part with right now.
Loren: You see, I am saving my coin to buy the most lovely pterosaur.
Loren: It's really the next step to ensure my welcome amongst the well-to-do of Hydlaa.
Loren: Shall I send you to bargain with Tyrus Beaut on my behalf?
Possible Ways: 3
Way 1:
YOU: I cannot haggle!.
Loren: Yes, it would be embarrassing for one of my station to allow a lowly street performer to dictate terms to me…
Loren: and such outrageous terms at that!
Loren: I will not be bullied into such a ridiculous arrangement.
Loren: Well, then, tell that ambitious Kran I offer fifty tria.
Loren: I'll not go higher.
Loren: Here they are.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: hands Tyrus the purse of tria.
-Tyrus counts out the coins.-
Tyrus: That is a fifth of what I ask for!
-The Kran's eyes start to flash like precious stones in the light.-
Tyrus: Very well.
Tyrus: Never let it be said that I refuse to write.
Tyrus: The man shall have his poem.
Tyrus: Stay near, I will finish quickly.
-Tyrus begins making furious notes on a piece of parchment.-
-Occasionally, the quill bites so hard into the sheet that it makes a small hole.-
-Tyrus finishes with an irritated flourish.-
Tyrus: There, my tale is told.
-Tyrus gives a tight smile… whether the tightness is from anger or a result of the Kran's stony face, you cannot tell.-
Tyrus: The nobles think that all of Yliakum owes them dues.
Tyrus: Here is his poem.
-Tyrus Beaut thrusts the sheet of parchment into your hands.-
Tyrus: May the words choke him.
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: Here is your poem.
Loren: I knew you would convince that Beaut character to see sense!
Loren: I'm anxious to see what this Kran has come up with.
-Loren opens the parchment and starts reading; his face grows visibly paler as the seconds go by.-
-Loren finishes reading and he looks up at you, his face suddenly purple.-
Loren: This is outrageous!
Loren: Just…
Loren: just listen to this nonsense!
-Loren Chama begins reading.-
Loren: -Salikarios, champion of Hydlaa!-
Loren: -Keeper of parties, eater of dainty treats!-
Loren: -Give him a pretty gift, witness him beaming!-
Loren: -Eagle eyes, feastmates, let us see whom he greets.-
Loren: -Everyone present kens, Octarch included…-
Loren: -That ambition, not tribute, impels such fetes!-
-Loren Chama looks distraught.-
Loren: I'd be launched headfirst into the Azure Sun if I presented this!
Loren: It's dreadful!
-Loren sighs.-
Loren: It's not your fault, however.
Loren: The blame lies solely with that upstart Kran.
-Loren gives you some tria.-
Loren: So please, take this with my thanks for your efforts.
Way 2, 3:
YOU: Sure, I can give it a try.
Loren: Excellent!
Loren: Please, ask Tyrus Beaut if one hundred tria is enough.
Loren: I will give it to you in advance in case negotiations go well.
-Loren hands you a sack of 100 tria.-
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
YOU: Is 100 tria enough?
-Tyrus looks up at you.-
Tyrus: My good Madam, there are many who pay me more for my efforts.
Tyrus: Such customers come first, and other work needs must suffer for it.
Tyrus: If Loren Chama pays the full five octa, then I can take the time to give this verse its due with my integrity intact.
Tyrus: Can Loren give more tria?
Way 2:
YOU: no
Tyrus: Well then.
Tyrus: I am sorry I have not more time to honour the Octarch properly, I have a ballad that simply must be completed by tomorrow.
Tyrus: So, I must pen it now and pray it does justice to the Octarch.
Tyrus: Hold here, it will soon be done.
-Tyrus takes a seat before you, and starts writing.-
-Tyrus frowns and crosses out a few words, changes some others.-
-Tyrus copies the poem to a fresh sheet of parchment.-
Tyrus: My best effort, given the amount of time allowed.
Tyrus: Give me the tria, and Loren shall have his song of praise.
→ Go to Tyrus Beaut
→ Go to Loren Chama
Loren: I see that you are a skilful negotiator.
Loren: Let us see what our bard has come up with.
-Loren unfolds the parchment and begins reading.-
Loren: Yes, yes, this will do quite nicely.
Loren: A very pleasant little compliment to the Octarch, I think.
-Loren gives you three hexa.-
Loren: Thank you for your trouble.
Rewards: 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.