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Slimy Doubt
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Henas Kenar
YOU: Henas Kenar? I am Huarwar, Initiate of the Order of the Keen Edge. Maybe Percival told you about me?
Henas: Told me about you, Huarwar?
Henas: I am Champion of the order, why should I know about you?...
Henas: Never mind!
Henas: I am just playing around.
Henas: Ahah!
Henas: Don't mind me, sometimes patrolling the city is boring if nothing happens.
Henas: Not it's often the case in Ojaveda but...
Henas: Ok...
Henas: I am too talkative.
Henas: So, I think I am supposed to give you a small test of your abilities concerning...
- Henas Kenar grabs a thin paper from his pocket and reads.
Henas: Concerning the Side-Thrust and Lunge techniques.
Henas: Get ready to execute them, will you?
Henas: Don't take too long.
YOU: I am ready.
- Henas Kenar points toward your blade, nodding.
Henas: Show me that you are still practising what you have learned so far.
Henas: Perform a Side-Thrust then take a few steps back and Lunge a few times in a row, please?
Henas: Be sure not to fall on the floor while doing it, THAT would be annoying.
-You perform the moves as requested and Henas nods apparently satisfied.-
Henas: Not bad, not bad Huarwar.
Henas: Looks like you are ready to learn something new, hum, eh?
Henas: I will now teach you the next move in the classic one-hand sword style, the Beat-Attack.
Henas: This...
- Henas Kenar is interrupted by a Groffel that lands next to him, a message is tied to its neck.
YOU: Ah. I can wait if you like, come back to you later?
- Henas Kenar is reading the message.
-He does not answer immediately and you see him frowning and he begins to growl, his ears falling backwards.-
Henas: Vaatjho!
Henas: Idiots...
- Henas Kenar shakes his head.
Henas: A message from Percival is it not?
Henas: Again...
Henas: They are all the same, and all about the same dung...
YOU: What's the problem, if I may ask?
Henas: Hum.
Henas: I should have guessed Percival would not have briefed you before sending you to me.
Henas: Looks like a lot of the Order's members have resigned lately.
Henas: What a shame.
Henas: No one has a clue as to why those silly people quit.
Henas: Worst of all, they are not just recruits deciding to go back to mindlessly training on a dummy.
Henas: There are highly ranked members.
- Henas Kenar raises an eyebrow and looks at you.
Henas: Hum, looks like I found the right test for you.
Henas: You have a new mission.
YOU: Ok... And it is?
- Henas Kenar ignores your question.
Henas: Well, I will teach you the Beat-Attack.
Henas: I am sure you will be in need of it.
- Henas Kenar unsheathes his sword and waits for you to be on guard.
-Before you are able to start an offensive attack, he strongly beats your sword with his own, obliging you to block.-
-As soon as you try to regain balance and a guarding position, he takes a very quick step to the side, forms a spiral with his wrist and lunges, stopping just before piercing your chest.-
Henas: See it?
Henas: I keep your weapon busy just before doing my next move.
Henas: Which is fatal.
Henas: This Beat-Attack will never break through your defences unless you are stupid enough not to block me.
Henas: But, while your weapon is busy you are not going to hit me and it gives me a small time to perform the second attack.
Henas: Got it?
YOU: Yes... Like this? [You repeat the move.]
Henas: Exactly!
Henas: Remember, a Beat-Attack will open up a short opportunity for you to launch a fatal attack.
Henas: Short...
Henas: Now the mission.
Henas: Percival thinks Moren Findel has all the information you need, so go see him.
Henas: He has been a Champion of the Order for more than 10 years.
Henas: Have fun, Huarwar.
Henas: And if you meet any of those "tail-pullers", teach them a lesson.
- Henas Kenar smirks, giving you a wink.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: Moren, hello. I am Initiate of the Keen Edge and come from Henas Kenar.
Moren: Aye, Henas sent me a Groffel 'bout it.
Moren: Thank ye for comin', we're in need of hands.
Moren: Though, sorry but I have to insist on a thin'.
Moren: Every member should take the Order as seriously as I do.
Moren: So, before givin' ye the information, I would like to check 'bout a thin' that ye SHOULD know.
Moren: The tenets.
Moren: What is the first tenet of our Order?
YOU: [You recite.] Fight with justice, your sword will protect the weak and defend the just.
Moren: Aye!
Moren: Well done!
Moren: Live by it!
Moren: Swear by it!
Moren: We're here for justice, we're here to serve and to help!
Moren: By my faith and force, I live by it!
- Moren Findel smiles, proudly then clears his throat.
Moren: Good.
Moren: Now, listen well.
Moren: Yer mission consists in gettin' hold of Thrynt Glass, one of yer co-initiates in the Order.
Moren: He was sent on an errand an' Percival hasn't heard from him for quite some time.
Moren: As for the details...the mission was a result of a report by a merchant called Gofi Mitu, a Nolthrir sellin' slimy seaweed all over the Dome.
YOU: Oh yes! I met him not too long ago when training with Percival.
Moren: Oh?
Moren: Right, that's good.
Moren: Gofi regularly sends caravans to the Bronze Doors Fortress where they use the seaweed in soups or powders due to their high nourishin'.
Moren: In the last caravan, he slipped in a very particular book that needed to reach the commander...
Moren: An' it never did.
Moren: We sent Thrynt Glass on the mission because he currently trains at the Fortress with the Shadow Squadron.
YOU: I see. And Thrynt didn't send any news?
Moren: Like I said, that's it.
Moren: So ye go an' see where he's at, eventually give him a hand to finish this mission, have it done an' classified.
Moren: I suppose ye can start by the storage manager of the fortress, Tarmeen Alecheech, he must have the last pieces of information.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Good day Tarmeen. I am sent by the Order of the Keen Edge concerning the Nolthrir caravan.
Tarmeen: Ah!
Tarmeen: By the gods, I am glad to see that the Order is taking this affair seriously!
-He says, ironically.-
Tarmeen: Not only have we lost track of the caravan, convoying goods under MY watch, but we've also "lost" the person supposed to retrieve it.
Tarmeen: That's interesting.
Tarmeen: What is the Keen Edge planning to do about it?
- Tarmeen Alecheech's tone clearly implies that he expect a proper answer.
YOU: Please provide me with all the information you have and I will deal with it. I am not leaving the fortress until it is done.
- Tarmeen Alecheech looks at you for a moment, then nods.
Tarmeen: All right.
Tarmeen: I sense determination in you and I like that, so here is what you need to know.
Tarmeen: Yesterday, around this hour even, we received a message from the caravan leader informing us that they were near the outskirts of the fortress and would be arriving soon.
Tarmeen: Excellent initiative because we have more or less their last known position.
Tarmeen: Which is at the crossroad, just after the passageway off the Fortress territory.
YOU: Right, thank you. I will have a look. But first, can you tell me where I can find Thrynt Glass?
Tarmeen: As far as I know he returned with the Shadow Squadron soldiers and Zhaomal.
Tarmeen: Should be just by the water wheel back here.
Tarmeen: Please, Huarwar, concerning the caravan, simply provide us with a position and I will send a squadron to retrieve eventual goods.
Tarmeen: Thanks.
→ Go to Thrynt Glass
YOU: Hello, Thrynt? I am Huarwar, Initiate of the Keen Edge. I am here to help you finish the mission concerning Gofi Mitu's caravan, especially the book.
- Thrynt Glass frowns, seems embarrassed but determined in same time.
Thrynt: Oh?
Thrynt: Well good luck.
Thrynt: I am not doing this mission.
YOU: Wait, why? I am here to help. We have more chance to finish it properly together. What has happened?
Thrynt: What happened, hum?!
Thrynt: Speak of honour, of justice, of dedication!
Thrynt: Those don't feed families!
Thrynt: For months I have been training to become part of the Shadow Squadron, for months I have been trying to work hard and impress so the squadron appreciates me and my work, trying to keep links with the nobles of Hydlaa so I can hope to become an Officer!
Thrynt: For months I've also trained in the Order to gain reputation with a sword, but it doesn't feed a family!
- Thrynt Glass is clearly emotionally broken and on nerves.
Thrynt: I am doing all I can to support my family, to make it so my children have gifts for their birthday.
Thrynt: Do you think the Order pays us for what we do?
Thrynt: Those missions that we do alone, where we risk our life more than once?
Thrynt: Do you see the colour of one golden circle?
Thrynt: No!
Thrynt: So I am not doing it, no I am not doing it!
YOU: Calm down Thrynt, I understand...
Thrynt: If you care that much, you go find the book.
Thrynt: The contract is yours.
Thrynt: It's not worth it for what the Order is rewarding us with.
- Thrynt Glass hesitates then adds some information about the mission.
Thrynt: Tarmeen mentioned several cut-throat attacks on the road so I suppose the reason for the disappearance of the caravan is simply due to them.
Thrynt: There are some abandoned houses and I wouldn't be surprised if they were used as a hideout.
--INFORMATION- You need to find the correct building and then right click on the floor to "search", you will see an on screen message when you find the right spot.-
YOU: I have searched, but I can't find anything.
- Thrynt Glass sighs.
Thrynt: Move down out of the fortress.
Thrynt: Some distance from the base of the cliffs are a series of abandoned houses, those are the ones you need to search.
Thrynt: I'm certainly not going to show you myself, so just go and look harder...
[INFO]: Go to the abondened houses in front of the fortress. They are located in a 30 degree angle on the right side, 20 seconds walk from the exit of the fortress. If you are there, click on the ground behind the door of the right house.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Tarmeen, the goods have been retrieved. The caravan was attacked by cut-throats on the road. [You hand over the seaweed bag and the book.]
Tarmeen: Cut-throats again?
Tarmeen: By Laanx this is enough!
Tarmeen: I will immediately send a squadron to clean this area.
Tarmeen: I have lingered far too long without taking action.
- Tarmeen Alecheech checks the bag.
Tarmeen: All seems to be here and the bag is yet sealed.
Tarmeen: Perfect.
Tarmeen: I guess the thieves had no use for the seaweed...we have been very lucky, here.
-The Ylian is now looking at the book.-
Tarmeen: Hum, yes, all seems to be in order.
Tarmeen: Right, Huarwar, I thank you for dealing with this affair diligently.
Tarmeen: I won't keep a grudge against the Order, rather praise its honour.
Tarmeen: I will talk directly to your superiors about it.
Tarmeen: As for you, please have this for your efficiency, I personally always reward it!
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: Moren, I am back. The case is closed.
Moren: Ah, Huarwar.
Moren: Good to hear.
Moren: Tell me what happened then, is Thrynt all right?
YOU: Well in fact, Thrynt did find out what happened to the goods and their location. I just had to go and retrieve them. [Option 1/2]
Moren: Teamwork then, as a matter of fact...
Moren: Right.
Moren: The important thing is that the requested service has been completed.
Moren: As a reward, I officially name ye Disciple of the Order of the Keen Edge!
Moren: Congratulations!
YOU: Thank you Moren! I would like to entrust to the attention of the Order items I found alongside the caravan goods.
Moren: Hum?
Moren: Which exactly, Disciple?
-You hand Moren the piece of Laanx church flag and the instructions letter.-
- Moren Findel stays silent, looking at the items then, says on a deaf tone.
Moren: This flag seems to follow us..
Moren: Rather hauntin'.
Moren: It looks like the flag of Ylian Roniston Shane.
Moren: You've already heard of him if I am right?
Moren: In Pathajiti.
Moren: And this letter...
Moren: Hum.
Moren: I will go and see Percival, thank ye Huarwar.
Moren: Yer keen eyes and sharp mind serve the Order well.
Moren: Keep trainin' yer techniques for now, stay in shape.
Moren: When ye are ready to make a demonstration, eyes closed, meet Gurgus Dahnik in Gugrontid.
Moren: Kra is one of the high managers of the Order.
Rewards: 1 Level in Sword, 'Single Handed Sword' Combat Move 'Beat-attack', 25 Faction with Order of the Keen Edge, 2000 Tria.