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So Many Chairs
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Njormik Carpenter
YOU: You look like you need help with something.
-Njormik is working feverishly before looking at you with a worried expression on his face.-
Njormik: Oh dear!
Njormik: This is hopeless.
Njormik: The Amdeneir Vigesimi is having a big party at his residence and he wants his old chairs replaced, insisting they be made of a certain wood.
Njormik: I was almost done when I got word he wants twenty more.
Njormik: Twenty!
Njormik: And the party is days away.
Njormik: I don't have enough wood!
YOU: What can I do to help?
-Njormik breaths a sigh of relief.-
Njormik: Oh thank you!
Njormik: This is very specific wood called Dark Oak, I'll need to put in an order.
-Njormik chuckles a bit.-
Njormik: You know, Amdeneir is known for its wood but it still has to be sent away to be prepared for this type of work.
-He writes a work order for wood and begins to hand it to you when he hesitates.-
Njormik: Oh, I just remembered, the next caravan from Ojaveda isn't due for some time.
Njormik: It's going to be a close call.
Njormik: Do you have access to the Hydlaa winch area, Sir?
[INFO]: Answer the pop-up window quickly or it will default to “no”.
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do.
Njormik: Oh splendid!
Njormik: Please go to Lentanor in the winch area.
Njormik: If you don't know where he is, you can usually find him at his workshop on the level immediately above the winch building.
Njormik: He is closer than Jirosh and he should be able to give you the wood directly.
Njormik: If you can carry it that is.
Njormik: Here is the order.
→ Go to Lentanor Thunderhead
YOU: Here is an order for Njormik in Amdeneir. He needs it fast!
- Lentanor is sawing something, then stops, wipes his brow, and grabs the order.
Lentanor: What's this?
-He reads the order form and raises his thick eyebrows.-
Lentanor: Hmm, Dark Oak.
Lentanor: Why yes, I think I have enough of tha' kind of wood here.
Lentanor: I use it all the time.
Lentanor: Great for makin' quality furniture.
-Lentanor chuckles.-
Lentanor: Njormik must have a big order if he needs this much.
-Some time passes as Lentanor goes into his shop and grabs the wood…-
Lentanor: Here ye go.
Lentanor: Now careful, this is heavy.
Lentanor: I'd say about one hundred an' fifty kilos.
Lentanor: If ye can carry that much I'll just give it to ye.
Lentanor: Otherwise ye can tell Njormik I'll have it delivered.
Lentanor: It won't take long.
Lentanor: What'll it be?
YOU: Sure, I can carry it. Lay it on me.
Lentanor: Very well then.
Lentanor: Here ye go.
-Lentanor bends skillfully at his knees and picks up the load, handing it to you.-
Lentanor: Give Njormik me regards.
Lentanor: He can pay me when he can.
→ Go to Njormik Carpenter
YOU: I have returned.
-Njormik seems to be taking a break but sweat can still be seen on his forehead. He looks at you with a big grin.-
Njormik: Hey!
Njormik: I see you have the wood.
Njormik: That's fantastic!
Njormik: Hand it over and I'll set it down.
YOU: [With some effort you hand over the stack of wood to Njormik.]
-Njormik grunts as he sets it down. He gives the wood a good sniff.-
Njormik: I just love the smell of fresh wood.
Njormik: Now I can get started right away.
Njormik: I'll have these chairs done in no time.
Njormik: I'll pay Lentanor next time I see him.
Njormik: You have been a great help to me, Sir.
Njormik: Take these coins for your effort.
-Njormik reaches nearby and grabs a book.-
Njormik: I'd also like you to have this.
Njormik: It's a shield instructional book.
Njormik: I'm a carpenter, I really don't have use for it.
Njormik: I got it from a dwarf who passed by.
Njormik: Yep, Carpenter is my name and carpentry is my game.
Njormik: Let me know if you ever want to buy one of my wares.
Way 2:
YOU: I'm afraid not.
Njormik: I see.
Njormik: Well in that case take this order and hurry to Jirosh Mikana in Ojaveda.
Njormik: Give him this order and be sure to tell him it's urgent!
Njormik: Bribe him if you need to.
Njormik: Anything.
Njormik: I'll make sure you are compensated.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Here is an order from Njormik in Amdeneir. He needs it fast!
Jirosh: Hmm?
-Jirosh reads the order.-
Jirosh: No prob…wait, that's a lot of wood.
Jirosh: There will be a caravan headed that way late tomorrow.
Jirosh: Amdeneir is far from here, it takes time.
YOU: He needs it faster than that!
-Jirosh continues to look at the order and shakes his head.-
Jirosh: Everyone needs everything right away.
Jirosh: Caravans have a set schedule, you know.
Jirosh: We can't just send them on command.
YOU: Is there something I can do that would make this possible?
Jirosh: You really want to help the carpenter, don't you?
-Jirosh Mikana looks around for a second.-
Jirosh: Tell you what, we are still gathering the orders for the next caravan.
Jirosh: I've got two cases of Terevan Wine headed for the tavern in Amdeneir.
Jirosh: If you can bring them to Merrinez, it should speed things up.
Jirosh: Can you do this?
YOU: Yes, I'd be happy to.
Jirosh: Very well.
-Jirosh reaches under the counter for 2 crates and carefully hands them to you.-
Jirosh: Here you go.
Jirosh: Two cases of Terevan Wine.
Jirosh: Please hurry and give them to Merrinez.
Jirosh: I hope you know where to find him.
Jirosh: He should be nearby.
Jirosh: And do be careful.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: I have two cases of Terevan Wine for you from Jirosh.
-Merrinez straightens up after stacking a crate and wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.-
Merrinez: What's this?
Merrinez: Is this for the next caravan?
YOU: Yes, I am trying to get the caravan to Amdeneir today.
Merrinez: Today?
Merrinez: I think that one is scheduled for late tomorrow.
Merrinez: Unless…
Merrinez: I suppose you could find someone to run the caravan and, well, if Jirosh approves…
Merrinez: Good luck.
Merrinez: In the mean time, you can go back to Jirosh and tell him the wine has been delivered.
Merrinez: Thanks by the way, saves me the trouble of picking it up myself.
-Merrinez Dholant smiles and returns to work.-
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: The wine has been delivered safely.
Jirosh: Excellent.
-Jirosh makes a check mark next to an item on a list he is holding.-
Jirosh: Next, I need you to deliver one more case of wine.
Jirosh: Miss Seduna has ordered a case of Macca Wine for the Mess Hall and it's sitting right here.
Jirosh: It will also lead to your next task if you want your caravan.
Jirosh: While you're in the area, see if you can locate Shenji TorKaal.
Jirosh: He is a young Rabani Enki who tends to linger around that area.
Jirosh: He often runs caravans for me and he just got back from one.
Jirosh: If you can find and convince him to leave today, you'll have the final piece to your caravan.
Jirosh: You might actually pull this off.
-Jirosh Mikana grabs a case of Macca Wine and hands it to you.-
→ Go to Seduna Secut
YOU: Miss Seduna? Your case of Macca Wine from Jirosh.
Seduna: Oh hello there child.
Seduna: Wine?
Seduna: Another case?
Seduna: Oh my.
Seduna: I just got one yesterday.
Seduna: One of my assistants must have not known I already had an order in.
-Seduna takes the wine and carefully sets it down.-
Seduna: Thank you very much child.
Seduna: Come any time and enjoy some freshly made food.
→ Go to Shenji TorKaal
YOU: Can you go on a special caravan run?
Shenji: You – you found me.
-Shenji TorKaal shoulders sag a bit.-
Shenji: And here I thought I was finally done for the day.
-Shenji looks to the crystal above.-
Shenji: Will I ever get a moments peace?!?
-Shenji sighs and turns back to you, putting his hands on his hips.-
Shenji: Every time someone wants a quick delivery, I'm the one who has to do all the work.
Shenji: And you think I get paid extra for that?
Shenji: Fine, I will do it, but you have to do something first.
Shenji: I have a yearning for some of Miss Seduna's famous pie.
Shenji: Buy one for me and I'll pick up your cargo and get it to its destination by morning.
Shenji: Deal?
YOU: Deal! One pie coming up.
-Shenji eyes light up.-
Shenji: Oh thank you!
Shenji: Now I will have something waiting for me when I get back.
Shenji: Just tell her to leave it for me.
Shenji: They don't cost much.
Shenji: Only seventy-five tria or so.
Shenji: Thank you, Enkidukai.
Shenji: When you come back and tell me it's been ordered, I will leave at once!
-Shenji looks at you hopeful as you leave.-
→ Go to Seduna Secut
YOU: I would like to order one of your famous pies for Shenji.
-Seduna is looking busy but stops and looks at you with a smile.-
Seduna: Oh hello again.
Seduna: Shenji wants another pie?
Seduna: Is he going on yet another late caravan run?
Seduna: That boy really needs to slow down.
Seduna: No wonder he eats so many pies.
Seduna: Always on the go.
Seduna: Very well, I will set one aside for him.
Seduna: That will be seventy-five tria please.
YOU: Here you go, seventy-five tria.
-Seduna takes the coins and gently drops them in a pouch in her apron.-
Seduna: Thank you, child.
Seduna: Shenji's pie will be waiting right here for him when he gets back.
Seduna: You can go tell him so.
-Seduna Secut pauses for a minute.-
Seduna: You know, you have been so helpful with the wine and ordering a pie for Shenji…
Seduna: Let me give you something back.
Seduna: Since we have so much of the Macca wine now, I'd like to give you a bottle.
Seduna: Please, take it.
→ Go to Shenji TorKaal
YOU: Your pie has been ordered and will be waiting for you.
-Shenji eyes light up and he looks excited.-
Shenji: Thank you, Madam.
Shenji: Now I will have a nice pie waiting for me when I get back.
Shenji: Miss Seduna knows the kind I like.
Shenji: You can go tell Jirosh I'll be there shortly.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Shenji is on his way. Get the wood ready.
Jirosh: All right.
Jirosh: I have already notified Merrinez to load the Dark Oak wood.
Jirosh: Since Shenji is willing to get it done now, I'll send him directly there to pick it up.
-He hands you a signed receipt.-
Jirosh: You may give this to Njormik.
Jirosh: I hope the delivery will be to his satisfaction.
→ Go to Njormik Carpenter
YOU: I have returned.
-Njormik seems to be taking a break but sweat can still be seen on his forehead.-
Njormik: Oh, welcome back.
Njormik: I just finished the last chair with the wood I have.
Njormik: Will there be a delivery from Jirosh?
-He looks at you with a hopeful expression.-
YOU: Good news! A caravan is on it's way and will be here by morning. Here is a receipt.
Njormik: Oh, that's great news!
Njormik: Thank you so much.
Njormik: I'll rest up and do some other things until it gets here.
Njormik: This should be plenty of time to finish the project.
Njormik: I can't thank you enough.
Njormik: You've been very helpful, Madam.
Njormik: Was there any expenses?
-Njormik leans toward you slightly and speaks softly with his low scratchy voice.-
Njormik: I hope it didn't cost you much to, um, grease the wheels if you know what I mean?
YOU: No, Jirosh refused any payment, just seventy-five tria for pie.
Njormik: Pie?
Njormik: For you or for…
Njormik: Nevermind.
Njormik: I heard that Jirosh was a straight arrow.
Njormik: I guess his reputation is accurate.
Njormik: Take these coins for your effort.
-Njormik reaches nearby and grabs a book.-
Njormik: I'd also like you to have this.
Njormik: It's a shield instructional book.
Njormik: I'm a carpenter, I really don't have use for it.
Njormik: I got it from a dwarf who passed by.
Njormik: Yep, Carpenter is my name and carpentry is my game.
Njormik: Let me know if you ever want to buy one of my wares.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Banded Shield Diagram, 40 Faction with Crafting Association, 12958 Tria, 17800 XP, [Way 2] 1 Macca Wine Bottle, 1 Banded Shield Diagram, 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.