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Stop the Drainage Plan
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I'm searching for a job, have you anything for me?
Jardet: Hello again, YOU, my friend.
Jardet: After your good work with the bouncetails I know I can count on you.
Jardet: I have another matter for you, one of great urgency.
Jardet: Are you up to a challenge?
YOU: Yes, it will be my pleasure.
Jardet: I knew I could count on you.
Jardet: I've overheard a rumour to pipe water from the spring in the garden into the main water supply.
Jardet: I cannot stand for this interruption to the natural order here.
Jardet: The pool could be drained completely!
Jardet: Please find out any information you can about the drainage plan, and if you can, stop it.
Jardet: I promise to make it worth your while.
→ Go to Warinn Klumdt
YOU: Where can I find pure water?
Warinn: The purest source of water is in the garden in East Hydlaa.
Warinn: It is currently separate from the rest of the water supply.
YOU: Could you tell me about the drainage plan of the garden spring.
Warinn: The Vigesimi Amidison Stronghand asked me to draw up plans for the garden piping, yes.
Warinn: I've already sent it to her.
Warinn: Work should be beginning soon, and our water shortage will be alleviated.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: Could you tell me about the drainage plan of the garden spring.
Amidison: Yes, I ordered to have the garden's spring added to our town's water supply.
Amidison: With our population increasing, we'll need to keep the fountains' pressure up.
Amidison: We're facing a water shortage, and it's up to me to fix it.
Amidison: Hamel Warson has the work order.
Amidison: No need to thank me; I'm just doing my civic duty.
→ Go to Hamel Warson
YOU: I hear you have the work order for the drainage plan.
Hamel: That's right.
Hamel: I've got the work order right here.
Hamel: I'll get the piping done really soon.
Hamel: Won't it be a grand thing to have that pool's supply?
YOU: Absolutely not.
Hamel: You're one of those 'keep the magic pool separate' flower-savin' mushroom-pickers are you?
Hamel: Well yes, I suppose I *could* reroute the piping to another area, on two conditions.
Hamel: One, you find me an alternative water supply because this shortage is real.
Hamel: Two, you give me some Tria to make it worth my time.
Hamel: Deal?
YOU: Yes we have a deal.
Hamel: Grand.
Hamel: I'll stall for time.
Hamel: Don't dilly-dally finding a water supply.
Hamel: Talk to people.
Hamel: Then we'll talk about what's in it for me.
→ Go to Burdess Quirain
YOU: Could we use your underground river as an alternative water supply?
Burdess: You want to access my underground river?
Burdess: I'm not doing that for free.
Burdess: If I'm letting the city use my river, I want my taxes waived.
Burdess: Get me a writ of tax exemption and I'll give you permission.
Burdess: Alright?
YOU: It won't be easy but I will see what I can do.
Burdess: Great.
Burdess: I'll be right here until you get back.
Burdess: You know who to ask for about tax exemption, I'm sure.
→ Go to Darphen Wrestle
YOU: We need tax exemption for Burdess Quirain.
Darphen: Give Burdess Quirain a writ of tax exemption?
Darphen: I have 25 citizens with outstanding taxes.
Darphen: If I give this writ, do you know what percentage of tax I'm losing, assuming all the tax debts are equal?
Darphen: What number?
YOU: Four percent?
Darphen: Well…yes, that's right.
Darphen: Fine, take this writ.
Darphen: I can't say no to people who are good with numbers like me.
→ Go to Burdess Quirain
YOU: This is for you.
Burdess: Wow, I never thought I'd get this.
Burdess: Very well.
Burdess: Tell whoever it is that's doing this that I sent you to give them the go-ahead to access my river.
→ Go to Hamel Warson
YOU: Burdess Quirain gave us permission to use her underground river.
Hamel: Burdess Quirain was sittin' on an underground river?
Hamel: Why didn't we ask her in the first place?
Hamel: We'll probably never need the pool now.
Hamel: But still, that's a lot of work for one dwarf.
Hamel: I'll need 1000 Tria to do this and keep my trap shut.
Hamel: Fair?
YOU: Yes fine, that is what I agreed to before.
Hamel: Grand!
Hamel: Nobody'll be the wiser.
YOU: Your payment.
Hamel: And there it is.
Hamel: I'll reroute the pipes and report that the work is done.
Hamel: You run off to the druid.
Hamel: Tell him Hamel sends his regards.
Hamel: Looks like you saved the pool, pally.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: We found an alternative water source, and Hamel Warson sends his regards.
Jardet: It is done?
Jardet: It is truly done?
Jardet: You are indeed a wonder, YOU , and a friend to nature.
Jardet: You have earned this.
Jardet: Fare thee well, and may all creation praise you.
Rewards: 1 Sound glyph, 15 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.