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Taemian Yangnk Needs an Anvil Moved
Required: Rank 135 Strength.
[INFO]: Some quest is required to obtain this quest.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Hello, I am looking for some work.
Taemian: I am a merchant, and you look like a traveler.
Taemian: We may be able to work together.
Taemian: I need a very heavy anvil moved from here to Harnquist and I do not wish to carry it myself.
Taemian: I get sweaty enough as it is.
Taemian: Do you care to hear more?
YOU: Sure.
Taemian: Wonderful.
Taemian: If you bring this item to Harnquist he will give you an Assurance Note.
Taemian: Now I have to warn you, this anvil weighs 200 kilograms, so don't accept this task unless you are strong enough to handle it.
Taemian: Can you move this item for me?
YOU: Sure, I can move that!
Taemian: Okay then, here is the anvil.
Taemian: Tell Harnquist I sent you so he knows who it's from, and he will give you an assurance note.
Taemian: Return with that note and give it to me.
Taemian: Careful; this anvil's heavy.
-Taemian wipes sweaty hands on his tunic again.-
→ Go to Harnquist
YOU: Taemian sent me, I have your anvil.
Harnquist: I have been waiting for that anvil from Taemian for a while; let me see it.
-Harnquist holds out his hands for the anvil.-
YOU: It's all yours, be careful though, it's mighty heavy.
Harnquist: Oh my!
Harnquist: That is heavy.
Harnquist: Here is the Assurance Note for Taemian and a little extra from me.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Here is the assurance letter from Harnquist, the anvil has been delivered.
Taemian: Great work.
Taemian: You did not strain yourself I hope?
Taemian: Well, here is your reward.
Rewards: 1 Master Crafted Hammer, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP.