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Talad's eyes-and-ears
Required: 1 Mercenary Helmet, 1 High-Quality Amulet.
[INFO]: You get the Mercenary Helmet from the Dark Circle Hunt quest and the High-Quality Amulet from the Sharven Holy Script quest.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: I'm back to see if you need anything else.
Murago: The faithful one returns yet again.
Murago: My eyes-and-ears tells me your name is YOU.
Murago: I can't tell you who my eyes-and-ears is, for I do not know who might be listening.
Murago: I do have another task for you, if you can handle some investigative work.
Murago: Can you?
YOU: Yes, I’m up for an investiagion.
Murago: I knew I could count on you.
Murago: We suspect the Temple of Laanx is up to something.
Murago: My eyes-and-ears has been watching them.
Murago: I want you to find my eyes-and-ears with the code “the pterosaur flies north.” The response will be “the Megaras flies south.” Then ask about the report and return to me for further instructions.
Murago: It is imperative the Temple of Laanx is unaware of our actions.
Murago: Do not let them know.
→ Go to Pauril Rentaurin
YOU: the pterosaur flies north
Pauril: The Megaras flies south.
YOU: I need the report.
Pauril: Take it.
Pauril: Go quickly.
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: gives Murago the sealed report.
-Murago breaks the seal and reads the letter.-
Murago: It would appear Menlil Toresun is plundering the ruins and using the artifacts in some sort of ritual.
Murago: His next target appears to be two identical cups found in both the ruins by the Bronze Doors and on the road to same.
Murago: Collect those cups and bring them to me.
Murago: Hopefully, we'll see what the attraction is.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: I'm here to pick up the cup.
Canyt: I have indeed come across such a cup.
Canyt: I shall trade it for a helmet.
Canyt: Something that will protect my head from falling rock, but not too flashy.
Canyt: A nice conservative helm.
Canyt: Then you get your cup.
YOU: gives Canyt a mercenary helm.
Canyt: Yes, this helm will do nicely.
Canyt: Thank you, and here is the cup.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: I'm here to pick up the cup.
Nyshyn: No need to be so hasty.
Nyshyn: Menlil told me he'd be sending someone from the temple.
Nyshyn: All I need now is an amulet as proof.
Nyshyn: Give me the amulet, I'll give you the cup.
YOU: Here's the amulet.
Nyshyn: And here's your cup.
Nyshyn: Always a pleasure doing business with the Temple of Laanx.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: I've got both cups. Here you go.
Murago: You have proven yourself a good and obedient servant of Talad.
Murago: I think you are ready to receive this blessing.
Murago: Be well, YOU.
Way 2:
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Murago has concerns about what you are doing.
Sharven: The Church of Talad has never trusted us.
Sharven: Our sacred rituals are none of their concern.
Sharven: At least with this information, I can deal with it effectively.
Sharven: Thank you, and take this with the thanks of our temple.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Amulet of Talad, 25 Faction with Conclave of the Glyphs, 12200 XP, [Way 2] 1 Gold Ingot, 55 Faction with Iron Hand, -50 Faction with Conclave of the Glyphs, 12200 XP.