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Taria's Courrier
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: Is there something I can help with?
Taria: It looks like my husband Barl will be away for a while longer yet.
Taria: I would like to send him something.
Taria: Could you find me a messenger and ask them how much it would cost to send something small to the Eagle Bronze Doors?
YOU: Yes, I will see what I can do.
Taria: Thank you.
Taria: There always seems to be at least one running through the plaza in front of the temple these days.
Taria: Return to me with the cost.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: How much to send a package?
Tarela: Where are you looking to send it?
YOU: Eagle Bronze Doors.
Tarela: How big is it?
Tarela: Is it big or small?
YOU: Only a small package.
Tarela: Hmm.
Tarela: It would be twenty tria.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: It will cost twenty tria to send small package to the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Taria: Could you have this sent then?
-Taria shows a bunch of braided flowers.-
YOU: Yes, it will be my pleasure.
Taria: Thank you.
Taria: Here it is, and the tria, you can keep the change.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: I need this sent.
Tarela: This is going to the Eagle Bronze Doors?
YOU: Yes.
Tarela: Who to?
YOU: Barl Prestis.
Tarela: Lucky fellow, something nice like this up there.
Tarela: But yeah, 20 tria for the trip.
YOU: Here's the money.
Tarela: Here's a slip.
Tarela: Keep that to confirm delivery, or give it to whoever sent you.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: Here is Tarela's delivery slip.
Taria: Thank you for your trouble.
Taria: Just thinking about my husband reminds me.
Taria: Ever since joining the guards at the Eagle, his arms became so muscular he couldn't even fit into his old arms armor.
Taria: Maybe you can find some use for them.
Taria: Take them, as a token of thanks.
Rewards: 1 Leather Arms Armor, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.