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Tarmeen Alecheech's Missing Skulls
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: What are you doing and can I help?
Tarmeen: 47, 48, 49…hrumph, now you made me lose count.
Tarmeen: Can you not see when someone is working?
Tarmeen: You can’t even leave me to my work and you want work from me?
Tarmeen: Argg, starting over.
Tarmeen: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15…
Tarmeen: …48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56.
Tarmeen: This can’t be right!
Tarmeen: Some skulls are missing!
Tarmeen: If Raithen finds out I will be cleaning megaras cages for the rest of my life!
-Tarmeen looks nervously about.-
Tarmeen: You want work?
Tarmeen: Go speak to Deelor Blackeye.
Tarmeen: I saw him lurking about last night.
Tarmeen: He is a dodgy fellow; I cannot say I trust him.
Tarmeen: You should not trust him either.
Tarmeen: Ask him about last night or if he knows about any missing stock.
Tarmeen: Now if you can handle that, I have work to do.
Tarmeen: Can you handle it?
YOU: Yes, indeed.
Tarmeen: Be on quickly now!
Tarmeen: If Raithen finds out I am missing stock, I will probably be sent to Deelor for one of his famed 'information extraction sessions.'
→ Go to Deelor Blackeye
YOU: We have missing stock, what was your whereabouts last night?
-Deelor eyes narrow.-
Deelor: Vat is meaning of dis you ask me vhere I vas?
Deelor: Something missing, you sink it me?
Deelor: Vun day I vill have your head simple adventurer.
Deelor: You know vat is best ting vith killing adventurer?
Deelor: No vun misses dem.
Deelor: I do not know vhy I vould help you or vhy everyvun alvays suspects me.
Deelor: Do I take too much pleasure in my vwork?
Deelor: It is no matter.
Deelor: I vas neer storage last eve on legeetimate business.
Deelor: I needed new axe to remove heads of enemies of realm.
Deelor: I saw vun they call dark vanderer near storage area.
Deelor: Perhaps you ask heem vwhere hee vas or about dees missing stock and bozzer me no more.
→ Go to Dark Wanderer
YOU: We have missing stock, what was your whereabouts last night?
Dark: Petty theft?
Dark: You ignorant Ynnwn.
Dark: I am above such meager concerns as my own means.
Dark: I ponder mysteries beyond the reach of most mortals.
Dark: Leave before I make you leave.
Dark: Go and tell that peon Tarmeen Alecheech your feeble investigation has failed.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Deelor knows nothing, the investigation failed.
Tarmeen: That is unfortunate.
-Tarmeen Alecheech says: That is unfortunate.-
Tarmeen: So much strangeness in the air around here of late.
Tarmeen: Perhaps you can aid me in another way then.
Tarmeen: I need to replace the lost goods immediately, or I too will be looking for work soon.
Tarmeen: Will you go and see if you can arrange something with Taemian Yangnk to get me eight skulls?
YOU: Yes.
Tarmeen: I thank you.
Tarmeen: Raithen ordered them specifically for some ritual during the Crystal Eclipse and if they are not here, I fear mine will one of the eight he takes to replace them.
Tarmeen: Just tell Taemian Yangnk you need eight skulls.
Tarmeen: You should do whatever he asks as payment, and if you can return with the skulls, I will reward you with something that has been collecting dust here.
Tarmeen: Just tell him you need eight skulls.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: I need eight skulls please.
Taemian: Skulls?
Taemian: You do not look like the morbid sort to me.
-Taemian wipes sweaty hands on his tunic.-
Taemian: Yes, my partner may have some.
Taemian: If you do something for me, I think we could make a fair enough trade.
Taemian: My partner is Thorian Gronk; he is usually in the plaza in Hydlaa trading for wares to send back here.
Taemian: I have something I need to get to him.
Taemian: If you take it to him with this requisition letter, he will give you the skulls.
Taemian: Do you accept my terms?
YOU: Yes, I accept.
Taemian: This saves me a trip.
-Taemian wipes sweaty hands on his tunic.-
Taemian: Here is the letter of requisition skulls and a sack for Thorian Gronk; just give them to him when you find him.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: Here you go.
Thorian: Ah great.
Thorian: Do you have a letter of requisition?
YOU: And here's the letter.
-Thorian reads the letter.-
Thorian: Skulls eh?
-Thorian looks at you strangely.-
Thorian: Well, ok then.
→ Go to Tarmeen Alecheech
YOU: Here's your skulls.
Tarmeen: Thank you.
Tarmeen: This may well have saved my head.
Tarmeen: Here is the promised reward.
Tarmeen: You can choose.
Rewards: 1 Mind glyph, 1 Enforcer Shield[OR], 20 Faction with Guard, 16400 XP.