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Taulim Wilaal Pulls a Prank
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Taulim Wilaal
YOU: Anything interesting for me to do today?
Taulim: Well no, not re…
Taulim: Hmm…
Taulim: Although…
-Taulim snickers.-
Taulim: Well Sir, there might be one small favour you could do for me.
Taulim: If you are willing, that is.
Taulim: Are you?
YOU: Yes, lets hear it.
Taulim: Ah.
-Taulim snickers again.-
Taulim: Splendid!
Taulim: You see, Sir, the life of a guard tends to be rather boring at times.
Taulim: This is a relatively safe part of the city, and not much is happening today.
Taulim: I'd so like a little laugh, and just happen to have a wonderful idea to make it so.
Taulim: You still interested in helping me out?
YOU: Yes, sounds like fun.
Taulim: Great!
Taulim: Do you know the guard at the East Gates?
Taulim: His name is Moren.
Taulim: He pulled a prank on me the other day.
Taulim: I'd like to get even with him.
Taulim: But for that..
Taulim: I'll need a fake sword.
Taulim: Gregori uses wooden swords to train his gladiators.
Taulim: Could you tell him about the prank and pick one up for me?
YOU: Yes, I can do that for you.
Taulim: Great, bring me a wooden sword then.
Taulim: I shall wait for you here.
→ Go to Gregori Stevald
YOU: We need a wooden sword for a prank.
Gregori: Hehehe, I see.
Gregori: Well that shouldn't be too much of a fuss.
Gregori: I've got plenty of those.
Gregori: My gladiators break them constantly.
Gregori: For 50 tria I'll give you one.
-He shows an empty hand.-
YOU: Here is the payment.
Gregori: Wonderful.
Gregori: There you go, Sir.
Gregori: Enjoy.
→ Go to Taulim Wilaal
YOU: Your wooden sword.
Taulim: Ah!
Taulim: Splendid!
Taulim: Imagine the look on Moren's face when I pretend to strike him with a fake sword out of the blue!
Taulim: I bet he'll be turning all colours of the crystal!
-Taulim snickers again.-
Taulim: Here's a reward for the trouble: A bit for the sword, and a bit for the fun I'll have.
Rewards: 1000 Tria, 8000 XP.